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How to Sexually Please a Woman Course + Coaching Upgrade

Resolve issues like:

  1. Feeling not in control of your desire/sexuality: Resolve frustration, confusion, and dissatisfaction in your intimate relationships by learning tools and techniques to consciously move and utilize your sexual energy in a healthy way.

  2. Erectile Disappointment: Understand and resolve the potential causes and underlying issues that create erectile dysfunction or problems maintaining an erection. Explore strategies to manage performance anxiety, improve communication with your partner, adopt healthier lifestyle habits, and learn Tantric and Taoist techniques to enhance sexual function.

  3. Limiting fantasy/porn habits: Release deep rooted shame, guilt and conditioning contributing to limiting sexual experiences. Work towards healthier sexual behaviors, develop more meaningful connections with your partner, and cultivate a more positive and authentic sexual experience shame and guilt free!

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✔️Yes, I understand that nothing sexual will happen in these sessions, there will be no nudity, that Tilly will maintain a professional environment at all times and that I will also maintain a professional relationship with her at all times.