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100% Genuine Nephrite Jade Egg

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Obsidian Shakti Wand 

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Obsidian Shakti Wand

Great for de-armoring, this Shakti wand is made of 100% natural, genuine black obsidian, making it a functional gemstone stick as well as a crystal meditation and massage tool. Comes with a certificate of authenticity and a packing pouch. Manually carved and polished without using any chemical treatment, it has excellent finishing with very smooth surface like glass, ensuring easy gliding.Dimensions: 17 -21 cm (7 - 8 inch) long, circumference (girth) at the larger end is 12cm (4.5 inch), at the smaller end is 9cm (3.5inch), very long and thick. Most Shakti wands on the market are 10 - 15 cm long and 5 - 8 cm circumference, too short and too thin to use.USE AND BENEFITS OF THE SHAKTI WAND:1) Excellent healing tool during yoni massage to release sexual trauma, strengthen the muscles in vagina, and unleash your inner goddess and sexuality;2) A unique and rare meditation tool, and a tool for sexual stimulation3) A one-of-a-kind massage tool that helps to rejuvenate the yoni on an energetic level.The Shakti Wand can be used for healing, pleasure, meditation or manifestation to have following benefits:- Enjoy sacred self pleasuring with this naturally luxurious and essential sensual indulgence.- Intense healing and sexual pleasure- Opens up your higher chakras, assisting with the movement of sexual energy.- Transform your self pleasuring with a healing and heart opening Shakti wand and take your divine sexual essence to a higher vibrational level.

$95.00 USD