012: The power of pleasure, confidence, and connection… and how to get it using the jade egg

Aug 16, 2020

What comes to mind when you envision a woman fully owning her pleasure, confidence, and connection to herself and her body? 

When she becomes a complete yes to her highest desires, her pleasure, her ecstasy, her life, when her light becomes so big that people either can’t handle it or they flock to her like a magnet?

What emotion does that vision invoke for you? Fear? Disgust? Shame? Powerlessness?

Or does it invoke awe? Wonder? Amazement? Mystery? Turn-on?

Maybe you’re like most people and it invokes a little bit of both?

Although the topic of today’s episode isn’t about how to support those that can’t handle a woman fully owning her power… I’d love for that to be another conversation!

Instead, today, we’re talking about how a woman can use the jade egg practice to help her say yes to the power of pleasure, confidence and connection inside herself… how she can become a yes to her life by saying yes to her pleasure.

Let me make it perfectly clear, I do not sell sex. I sell empowerment - sexual empowerment to be specific. I help a woman take back the power of her sexuality and use it for HER good instead of letting everyone else take a piece of it to use for themselves.

Because there are a lot of people out there that can’t handle a woman fully owning her sexual self… simply because they believe that means they can’t control her and who will she be if she’s not tamed or controlled?!

Sadly, they are the only ones missing out on the amazingness and power of the wild woman unleashed. Just because she’s free doesn’t mean she doesn’t commit or have boundaries. Just because she’s free doesn’t mean she has no self-control or integrity. Just because she’s free doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to settle down into a safe and secure relationship with the man she loves.

Her freedom, her sexual liberation, ultimately liberates anyone she chooses to be in a relationship with… if that partner wants it. But s/he has to want it.


Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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