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The Jade Egg Practice is the #1 holistic sexuality practice to help a woman connect to her body & get her mojo back

After helping hundreds of women reclaim their sexual pleasure through the jade yoni egg practice, I searched high and low for the highest quality GIA certified jade to offer my clients.


100% Nephrite Jade Egg


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  • Highest quality 100% nephrite jade from Canada
  • How to care for your jade egg

  • How to prepare your jade egg for first time use

  • How to use your Jade Egg in a hygienic way

  • Jade egg restrictions and contraindications

  • audio-guided jade egg warm-up practices

  • 3 audio-guided jade egg practices


About the Jade Egg Practice:

The jade egg practice is a unique way to ignite sexual desire, unlock vaginal orgasms, and awaken your sensuality.

Beyond improving the quality of your self pleasure and partnered sexual experiences, the jade egg practice strengthens and relaxes your pelvic floor muscles to increase your sexual health and vitality. By helping you create deeper sensate-focus, you learn to get out of your head and build a greater sense of love for your body and sexuality.

Included are instructional audios where you’ll learn basic jade egg practices, like how to prepare, clean, string, and take care of your jade egg, and 6 guided introductory jade egg practices that show you specific movements and techniques to get started increasing your pleasure and orgasmic capacity today.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Jade Yoni Egg Practice...

"Is the jade egg safe? And, how exactly is it effective?"

This is by far the most common question I am asked about the jade egg. Which is why I recorded a podcast episode on it that you can listen to here!


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