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Ignite your love life through our non-fiction book club dedicated to exploring the intricacies of love and relationships!  Our Book Club is a lively community where you connect with like-minded individuals sharing insights and discovering techniques to nurture or rekindle the passion.

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Connect with life-long learners and seekers on a similar path who value depth of connection. Make new friends!


Skip the small talk as we dive deep and explore new perspectives and practices to ignite the spark in your love life.


Through discussions, discover new perspectives, challenge old narratives, and embrace a new story about love & relationships.

What participants are saying:


"I absolutely love this book club and the amazing women that are part of it. Not only the books themselves are gold, but the way we are able to process the information and learn from each other is priceless." - Sherry

"I highly recommend this book club, if you want to learn more about yourself with regards to sex, intimacy, and relationships. I love being introduced to a book that I probably would not have found on my own, and it taught me a great deal which has improved an already good sex life.  Tilly is very knowledgeable and experienced in the arena and had so much to offer to everyone.  She is a great facilitator and creates a safe and non judgmental space." - Sonia H.

"Working in the field of Pregnancy and Early Parenting, connection and pleasure are a high priority in my work. I find it’s important to practice what I preach, to this I need a community that is supportive of my development in this area. Tilly’s book club brings the pleasure, intellect, and connection I had been looking for. 💗" - Linda

About Your Host, Tilly Storm...


As an award winning somatic intimacy coach and host of The Multiorgasmic Millionaire Podcast since 2017, my mission is to support women in learning tools, techniques and practices to sustain a fulfilling romantic relationship over the years.

Also, having moved many times in my adult life, I've found it difficult to make friends as an adult.

The one place where I've discovered like-minded connections quickly has always been...at a book club!

That's why I decided to start a FREE Book Club on love and relationships for my community.

I'm excited to meet you!

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More Praise for Erotic Explorations Book Club:

"Thank you everyone for these wonderful explorations we are engaging in this book club and thank you Tilly Storm for being such an awesome host! I am enjoying both the book selections and our conversations!" 

- Violeta

"I looked forward to our Book Club meeting weekly. The meet up worked with my schedule. It was  the interaction that I needed to meet with women to have smart conversation and express my thoughts!"

- Tisha

"This book club is one you don’t want to miss and one like you’ve never experienced before. The topic of human sexuality through research (books on the subject) is important for all of us. I wish all my friends and lovers were in this book club!!"

- Gwendolyn

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Build community with like-minded people and gain new insights, tools and practices to ignite your love life! Excited to see you there 😍 😍

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