013: How to mother and do business in a way that leaves ample energy for sex and intimacy with Merel Kriegsman

Aug 16, 2020

For today’s episode, I invited copywriter and brand storyteller, Merel Kriegsman to talk with us about how to mother and do business in a way that leaves ample energy for sex and intimacy. 

Merel has 2 small girls, an electric relationship with her man, and much wisdom to share for the mompreneur who wants it all… a thriving business, happy kids, and hot sex.

Hear Merel talks about the number one thing that kills desire for moms… and catch her tips and wisdom on how you can structure your life in a way that leaves ample energy for sex and intimacy.

Hear about how her surprising home birth brought her closer to her husband than ever and how sex and intimacy got better after having kids! Plus, she dishes her secrets to self-care in the postpartum while running a booming online copywriting business.

If messaging + copy is a bottleneck in your business (missed opportunities, the launches that never were), you need Merel Kriegsman. Merel is a high-end copywriter to Influencers, Visionaries and Bestselling Authors. Her promise to you? She will give your vision a voice. And a voice that sells:

She’s written many a 6-figure launch, helped entrepreneurs double their email list from 6k to 12k in less than 2 weeks and quickly sell out high-end offers well into the multiple six figures. Merel was invited to be an official mentor alongside Marie Forleo this year.

Raving fans include Laura Husson, Chris Winfield and fellow copywriter Laura Belgray who writes, “I’ll admit it – I get a little bit of copy envy when I see the word magic Merel can crank out on the spot.”

Connect with Merel online at www.merelkriegsman.com


Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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