014: Finding freedom and presence in motherhood and the bedroom with Catarina Andrade

Aug 16, 2020

In today’s episode, I invited kundalini yoga teacher, mentor, and mama herself – Catarina Andrade to speak with me about finding freedom and presence in motherhood and the bedroom!

In today’s conversation, we explore what it’s like to become conscious co-creators of motherhood and not buy into the, “it’s so easy and natural” or the “motherhood sucks and it ties me down and I’m just waiting till the kids go off to college so I can have my life back” syndromes.

Catarina knows how to tap into presence in a way that makes us feel free in motherhood and the bedroom. Hear how her near-death experience changed everything for her and made her realize the one thing she was missing and wanted to create in her life.

In our interview, she tells about her spiritual awakening during a kundalini yoga class she attended on a retreat and how it inspired her to become a kundalini yoga teacher herself.

Catarina eloquently defines kundalini and how the 4 levels of presence can help us find freedom from suffering so we can experience more joy and pleasure as mothers and sexual beings.

We also dive deep into the topic of presence over productivity and how things aren’t always linear… how when we leave room and make space for magic and miracles, they actually happen!

Catarina Andrade supports overwhelmed mothers to feel more calm, confident, and connected to themselves, their loved ones, and their calling. Slinging a unique blend of spiritual and practical wisdom, she guides women to deepen their intuition, release mama guilt, and experience more ease, joy, and miracles in life and business.

After a decade leading multi-million dollar maternal and child health initiatives globally, her personal journey into motherhood – from burnout to awakening and rebirth – led her to become a sought-after coach for women on a mission to birth more nourishing lives for themselves, their families, and the world. Part strategist and part alchemist, Catarina has supported hundreds of women in the areas of sacred pregnancy, conscious motherhood, and making a divine contribution without burning out.

Catarina is also an international speaker, laughter and kundalini yoga teacher, energy therapist, and best-kept secret mentor to leading women up to big magical things – from changing the world to changing diapers and everything in between. You can connect with her and find her at www.catarinaandrade.com. Get Catarina’s free meditation to expand your capacity to receive right here.


Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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