015: Exploring the 7 types of female orgasm

Aug 16, 2020

Ever have an orgasmic-like experience and questioned whether or not it was actually an orgasm? Or, maybe you’ve heard of a cervical orgasm or a full-body/energy orgasm but have no idea what that’s like or how to have one…

In today’s episode, we’re diving deep and exploring the 7 types of female orgasm Not only do I dissect our current cultural understanding or orgasm and offer my views on why it’s limiting to women’s experiences of pleasure and orgasm, but I offer you a new, updated understanding of orgasm based on the 3 core components of orgasm: pleasure, expansion, and mind shift.

In this episode, I give you my best stories, advice, and practices on how to open to having an array of orgasmic experiences at your fingertips. If you’ve ever wondered what some of the more elusive orgasmic experiences are like, or are curious about what you or your partner can do to open to any orgasmic experience you want, this episode is for you!

We dive into the following:

● Clitoral orgasm

● G-spot orgasm

● Deep vaginal/A-spot orgasm

● Cervical orgasm

● Anal orgasm

● Heart/Breast orgasm

● Full body/Energy orgasm


Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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