017: Increase your confidence in the bedroom with these 3 holistic sex techniques

Aug 16, 2020

Let’s get real; there are no amounts of Cosmo articles you could possibly read that will make you feel sexually confident in bed. Ever wonder why?

Confidence comes from a Latin word that means, “to trust.” That means that in order to have sexual confidence, you must trust yourself sexually. Since Cosmo ain’t doin it…

How do you learn to trust yourself sexually?

You get courageous and do things you’ve never done before – and I don’t mean read another sex position article or watch freaky porn that may or may not gross you out!

Having the courage to explore your sexuality in different ways using my holistic sex techniques will give you the lasting confidence you’re seeking.

In today’s episode of the podcast, I introduce you to 3 of my 8 holistic sex techniques to help any man or woman reverse negative sexual patterns or to create healthy new ones with or without a partner.
We also explore why self-pleasure or masturbation is so important for creating a container of sexual exploration and healing because it gives you the opportunity to be courageous without putting your confidence on the line.
In other words, self-pleasure affords you the opportunity to break out of habituated sexual patterns, fantasies, and disconnection without involving another human (yay!).

Plus, self-pleasure affects so much of how we show up in life; like, how we love, how we have relationships, how we make love, how we date, and how we feel inside of our bodies.

So yeah, it’s pretty damn important.

Check out these 3 holistic sex techniques to help you build confidence with our without a partner and be sure to download my free 8 Step Checklist to Unlock Multiorgasmic Bliss to get all 8 of them.


To your pleasure,

Lacey Broussard

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