018: Want a doctor’s perspective on the jade egg practice? Catch it here with Dr Eden Fromberg

Aug 16, 2020

I wanted a doctor’s perspective on the jade egg practice… so I went out and got one.

And today, I’m sharing it with you!

In this completely uncensored and unbiased episode, you’ll hear Dr. Eden Fromberg talk about her perspective on the jade egg practice for women after childbirth, women who have a tight pelvic floor, and women who’ve experienced trauma and what she perceives as the benefits and drawbacks of the practice.

One thing I love about Dr. Fromberg is that she encourages women to be their own healers by educating themselves and doing their own research – a hard to come by trademark in the medical field for sure.
If you’ve ever experienced pain during sex, incontinence or prolapse, hear Dr. Fromberg talk about her perspective on these issues as well as her take on potential treatments. Also, learn how she incorporates hands-on techniques, somatic movement, yoga therapy, and awareness into her medical practice!
Be sure to listen till the end to catch her one tip on becoming a multiorgasmic mama! You won’t want to miss it.

Dr. Eden Fromberg is a Board Certified OB/GYN and Holistic Women’s Health Specialist by trade and an experienced, passionate healer by heart. As an Osteopathic physician, board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine she has been leading the fields of obstetrics, holistic gynecology, and whole-self healing by compassionately helping women unravel the complex challenges they face when healing seems elusive for over 25 years. She also serves as a midwife assistant, is a founding member of the Fascia Research Society, and has extensive expertise in manual movement therapy.

Through clinical practice, personal experiences, cutting edge research, and professional education she is an innovator of merging traditional wellness theories and ancient philosophies with the reality of a modern lifestyle. She has helped countless women reconnect with their bodies and reclaim their health.
Her education, practice, personal experience, and connection with nature have given her insights into the interconnectedness of the body that are fundamentally reframing the medical dialogue. She offers a spectrum of diagnostic perspectives and holistic treatment options, helping women activate their healing process and achieve optimal hormonal, pelvic, and personal health through all cycles of life.

Connect with Dr. Fromberg at www.dredenfromberg.com

Follow her on Instagram @dredenfromberg

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