020: Getting your sexual desires met within a long-term relationship with Guusje Wannet

Aug 16, 2020

You might have no idea but it’s surprisingly difficult to find a relationship expert who can help a couple get their erotic, sexual desires met too.

That’s why I brought on sensuality, relationship and love coach from The Netherlands, Guusje Wannet.

Guusje’s been a family coach and therapist for many years in The Netherlands and noticed a lack of support around sexuality within relationships. That’s why she went out and got specialized training for it! 

First, hear her describe the 3 specific steps she took to reclaim her sexuality and sensuality after the rape and how she went from always choosing the safe man to one who reminded her and brought out her wild, sensual self AND made her feel safe too.

Second, hear us talk about the importance of speaking freely without consequences within relationships and why this space holding is so important for getting your sexual desires met within long-term relationships.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can create a safe container for communication without making our desires mean something or how to deal with triggers, check out what we have to say about triggers being an opportunity for healing and integration.

This is so important because when someone inside the relationship gets triggered, we can either look at it as an opportunity to evaluate our own truth around that conditioning, or, we can take the easy and unconscious way and disregard the opportunity for growth and potentially destroy the relationship along the way.

One of the saddest things is to see a relationship fall apart because one person isn’t willing to dive into the trigger. And since we all get triggered deeply at one point or another within long-term relationships, you should take a listen!

Guusje Wannet is a Sensuality, Love & Relationship coach based in Europe and working internationally.

She is wildly passionate about the beauty of life. People call her a free spirit and praise her radically open, warm and honest style of coaching. She is a mother of three and a stepmother to another three. She rocks at keeping her Sensual Glow whilst running a successful business, making lasagna and doing Pilates.

You can find and connect with Guusje at www.sensualglow.nl


Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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