022: The path of (r)evolution through motherhood with Aurora Farber

Aug 16, 2020

What does it mean to be a feminine (r)evolutionary? What is the path of evolution looks like through motherhood? 

In today’s episode of the podcast, Aurora Farber and I talk about her latest book she co-authored: The New Feminine Evolutionary.

Through her powerful storytelling, she takes us on the 5 part journey of embracing the mother by becoming “she who holds”, “she who is held”, “she who ignites the spark”, “she who tends the flame”, “and she who stands in the fire.”

Aurora is a fantastic story-teller so grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of wine and get cozy.

We also discuss the nuances of masculine/feminine roles and how to balance both within us.
We explore archetypes and sub-personalities to help you speak what you want while still having an open heart of compassion.
This episode will give you a glimpse into how coaches help people learn to love all parts of themselves!
Aurora Anurca Farber, Transformational Coach, Writer, International Speaker & Relationship Educator, is on a mission to help women ignite their “Feminine Fire” (the heart-light within that integrates life-giving power, compassionate love and intuitive wisdom) and that these 3 feminine flames are the key to catalyzing passionate and purposeful action that will heal our world.
Aurora holds honors degrees in Literature and Foreign Language, along with a professional certification in Coaching. She is a co-author of The New Feminine Evolutionary: Embody Presence, Become the Change. She has been a featured speaker and relationship workshop facilitator in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and the US. She loves exploring the world and has been to over 40 countries and lived in Europe and Asia most of her adult life.
Through private coaching, online programs, women circles and retreats, Aurora creates “sacred spaces” for women to be held, witnessed and loved exactly as they are right here, right now. Her guiding vision is a world of women claiming their creative powers, loving their body temples, and being beacons of fierce wisdom as they burn away archaic, limiting beliefs and light the world on fire with love.

Find Aurora at www.aurorafarber.com

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