024: Why moms should have a self-pleasure practice too with Amanda Testa

Aug 16, 2020

Being a mom, often, pleasuring ourselves is the last thing we think of or even want.

But, in today’s episode, Amanda Testa and I talk about the importance of having a self-pleasure practice and the difference between self-love and self-pleasure alongside the challenges of early motherhood and reclaiming your body after birth and breastfeeding.

We talk about why dropping the goal around sex and self-pleasure is important not only for helping you have better sexual experiences, but for having more varied sexual experiences…so nothing ever gets boring!
How can self-pleasure help you have more varied, less mechanical, less boring sex? Listen in to find out how and hear why Amanda says that having a good sex life is a big deal for being a good parent.
Amanda Testa is a sex, love, and relationship coach and founder of Find Your Feminine Fire. She helps overwhelmed women reconnect to their sexuality with simple tantric techniques they can use to feel luscious in their bodies, feel more pleasure, take sex from a to do to something they look forward to, and to have more support and playfulness in their intimate relationships.

Find Amanda here. And get her free gift to you here!


To multiorgasmic bliss,

Lacey Broussard

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