025: How to become a multiorgasmic mama with Cori Watson

Aug 16, 2020

Let’s take it to the next level:

In today’s episode, sexual alchemy coach, Cori Watson and I talk about the journey to multiorgasmic bliss! Don’t miss Cori give us her step by step glance at what you could start doing or trying out in order to become multiorgasmic. (Hint: ironically, it’s when you stop trying to become multiorgasmic that you probably will!)

Also, hear Cori talk about how her sexual awakening journey began after getting an abnormal pap and wanting to heal it through a more holistic approach than the western medical route and how her training in myofascial release helped her become multiorgasmic.

And you certainly can’t miss us dish about our hilarious, random, most inopportune orgasmic experiences that came out of nowhere! Where were you and what were you doing when you had your most inopportune orgasmic experience?! Let us know in the comments below!

Spoiler alert: for me, it was on a massage table… find out Cori’s by listening in!

As part of her journey in being of service to the human body, Cori Watson is an Integrated Sexual Alchemy Coach for mothers helping women navigate through the less talked about struggles of the Motherhood journey, (infertility, sex, body issues, low desire, no desire, stuck in your head) guiding them to reignite the spark of sexual desire in themselves, connecting them to their bodies, which ultimately leads them to reconnect with their man better.

Cori also works as a Myofascial Release Massage Therapist, helping people learn to make friends with their body again, to HEAR and FEEL it speak to them in ways other than pain.

She is a solo parent.... mother to 4 kids (2 boys 15 & 14) (2 girls 13 & 11), AND a multiorgasmic woman!!

Listen to the conversation here:

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To multiorgasmic bliss,

Lacey Broussard

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