026: 5 Ways your life will change when you fall in love with your body and sexuality

Aug 16, 2020

Self-love isn’t self-care.

No ma’am… if you don’t love your body and your sexuality too, you’re not there yet. And that’s ok.

Kinda hard when we all grew up on Teen Vogue and little to no sex ed.

But today, I want to talk with you about 5 ways your life will change when you fall in love with your body and sexuality… so you see how amazing things can really get.

In my twenties, I had sexual experiences that were ok... But, they weren’t amazing or ecstatic either.

I was only able to orgasm in one position, and although I was a willing partner, I never really felt a drive either.

I had a terrible go at choosing partners that were any good for me. I always dated men that were below my intelligence level, men that weren’t as ambitious, driven, and adventurous as me... Because I couldn’t see my own worth.

The one thing that helped me fall in love with my body, to feel more sexually, to see my own worth, and to feel radiantly alive, passionate and on fire about my life was, you guessed it… The jade egg practice.

And when I did, I started experiencing:

  • More turn on than ever

  • Stronger and longer-lasting orgasms and in new ways

  • More self-love and embodied confidence

  • A sense of feeling safe dressing as sexy as I want… even as a mama

  • An inner knowing of my own worth that’s helping me attract more high-quality men on my level like magnets

  • The ability to create and grow my business using my sexual energy as the creative and energetic force behind it all

  • And a sense of feeling blissed out and excited about my life even in the face of life’s shit storms.

Because the jade egg practice completely transformed my life, listen in to learn the 5 ways learning to love your body and sexuality will change your life too.

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To multiorgasmic bliss mama,

Lacey Broussard

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