027: How do be an empathic sensitive woman and get your needs met in the bedroom with Dr Sarah Kahn

Aug 16, 2020

As a highly empathic, sensitive woman myself, today’s topic hits straight home. Because I personally know how hard it can be to express what you really feel and say what you really mean if it means that you might hurt someone in the process.

That’s why I brought on Dr. Sarah Kahn, an intuitive empath, catalyst, and transformational coach who happened to write her doctorate thesis on empathic, highly sensitive women!

In today’s episode, we talk about the shadow archetype, what it is and how to use it for your good. But even more specifically, how the shadow plays out in sexuality.

If you’ve ever wondered how, to be honest with your partner about your turn on or turn off, listen to Doctor Sarah’s advice on what to do if your truth isn’t received well.

If you’ve always wondered about how the grass might be greener on the other side if you had a partner who was ALSO an empathic and highly sensitive person, hear Doctor Sarah talk about the pros and cons of this dynamic!

Dr. Sarah Kahn received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology, with a specialty in Integrative Psychology, taking a more holistic approach to healing. She loves exploring areas people do not talk about, is skilled in allowing others to open up and be vulnerable, and is able to offer healing support based on individual needs.

As a catalyst, Dr. Sarah helps people shift quickly so they are able to move forward in their lives more easily. She believes we need to honor and acknowledge all aspects of ourselves in order to be whole, live authentically and have deeper meaningful connections.

Dr. Sarah desires to foster a new way of being, through authentic expression, loving presence, shadow integration, and spiritual engagement.

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To your pleasure,

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