029: Sex magic to manifest your desires and find your life purpose with Kayla Yoder

Aug 16, 2020

If you’ve known there’s more to life than getting married and raising kids, but haven’t found your life purpose yet… today’s episode with life coach, Kayla Yoder is for you.

Listen in as Kayla dishes her deep wisdom and empowering narrative about discovering your life’s purpose… how you don’t “find” it, you “define” it!

Hear us discuss how your desires can lead you to define your purpose and how having purpose and meaning in life and relationships makes both so much more juicy and exciting instead of empty and boring.

If you’ve ever wondered how sex magic works, make sure you catch Kayla’s detailed description on how to do it!

Sex magic is a potent way to get your partner or lover on board with helping you manifest your desires in a magical, pleasurable way. Don’t miss it!

Kayla Yoder is a mother, lifelong yogi, Reiki healer and creatress of the Star Light Rebirth Program, a sacred one-on-one healing journey for mamas in all stages of motherhood to discover and wombanifest their blissful soul purpose. She is passionate about nurturing a global community of women who inspire and empower the sacred in one another.

Kayla has been learning and practicing transformational healing for over 18 years with experience in shamanism, Reiki, yoga, authentic leadership, Buddhism, family constellations, nonviolent communication, healing communities through the arts, positive psychology, feng shui and more. Her approach to transformational work centers around guiding soulful reflection, playful embodiment, authentic communication, and building trust and partnership with the divine voice inside of you.

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Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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