031: Pleasurable birth 101 with Sheila Kamara Hay

Aug 16, 2020

When the most common thing we hear about childbirth is how painful it is, how can birth possibly be pleasurable?

Join me today with Sheila Kamara Hay as we dive into what pleasurable and ecstatic birth looks like and how it can happen for you!

Hear Shelia’s story about how her desire to heal from a traumatic first birth led her to find the missing link in childbirth… pleasure!

In this episode, we talk about how when women connect to and honor their desires and are supported in doing so, birth can really be pleasurable and ecstatic!

Hear us talk about how ecstatic birth is a feeling state and how it has nothing to do with where or whom you’re birthing with… but all about moving towards what feels good moment to moment… and how this could be a transformational approach to how women experience birth.

How would having a practitioner who can hold the tone for a pleasurable, ecstatic birth revolutionize our experience of childbirth? If every woman were granted acceptance instead of judgment for her process and could be supported in what’s happening for her, the door would open for birth to be pleasurable instead of painful.

Sheila Kamara Hay is an Ecstatic Birth visionary and advocate, training expectant moms and birth practitioners to transform the landscape of birth from pain to pleasure. A leader in the pleasurable birth movement, she believes that childbirth has the potential to be one of the most transforming, empowering and enjoyable experiences in a woman’s life. Sheila has a BA from Yale University and an MA from Columbia University in cultural sociology. Sheila can be found sharing information and resources on pleasure and birth right here!

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