032: Why aren’t you tapping into your greatest free business asset?

Aug 16, 2020

Imagine that you’re a woman entrepreneur with 100k in the bank to help start your business.

Would you not tap into it to actually start your business?

Of course not!!!

As women, your 100k in the bank IS your pleasure and turn on and it’s totally free.

Problem is, you’re not tapping into it.

Which means, you’re leaving behind your greatest business superpower.

If you aren't following your pleasure and turn on in biz, life, or the bedroom, if you aren’t completely in LOVE with your sexy AF self…

You will not be the magnetic, confident woman that effortlessly draws in clients and money for your offerings even if they were divinely inspired and aligned.

I got sick of doing all the things I was told to do in the way I was told to do them in biz and life in general.

My life was falling to pieces just a few months ago and the only way to get through was a fierce dedication to my pleasure… to doing only what felt good moment to moment.

And when I did what felt good, after 7 years of being in biz, I FINALLY starting having the success I’d been dreaming about for years!

I booked 13 one on one coaching clients in less than 2 months when I’d never booked a single one before that wasn’t a friend, someone I knew, or doing it for a free or reduced rate!

Listen in today to hear how tapping into your greatest superpower as a woman can take you to the next level in your biz and sex life!

It’s time to give up following everyone else’s formula mama. Only you know what’s right for you.

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Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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