057: How to ask for what you want without sounding like a bitch + 6 ways to overcome rejection

Aug 18, 2020

Does your partner think you’re a crazy bitch because you’re not clear about what you want or how to ask for it?

I’m pretty sure I’ve exploded a relationship or two simply over the fact that I wasn’t in touch with what I wanted and sucked at asking for it when I found out.

And who knows… they're probably a couple of guys out there that are like, “Damn, that Tilly Storm… she’s a crazy bitch.”

Although I take full responsibility for this, it’s also true that most women my age weren’t taught how to ask for what they want… that’s why we still have a gender gap to close.

But today, I’m down for teaching you some of my most difficult life lessons… how to ask for what you want and overcome rejection if it happens.

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If you’re a strong, independent woman in touch with what you want, stop everything you’re doing now and take a listen. The rest of the world will thank you!

Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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