059: 3 practices to boost your sexual and body confidence

Aug 18, 2020

Ever get envious of confident people? Mmm, I sure used to. I used to be the most socially awkward, uncomfortable-in-my-body person that you could’ve ever imagined.

And sometimes, I still am, but it’s a lot less common! (Bring a hot dude around and I can slip into my old patterns of discomfort in ½ a second.)
When I ask people what would be the best thing about having better orgasms and more connected sex, almost every single time they tell me… CONFIDENCE!
That’s why today I’m giving you 3 life-transforming practices to stop discomfort and awkwardness dead in its tracks and get to a place of feeling confident and free to be who you wanna be, do what you wanna do, and say what you wanna say and NOT GIVE A FUCK!
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Confidence is freedom, and we all deserve to live a life true to who we are and be ok with that no matter what.

To your pleasure,

Lacey Broussard

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