064: 4 Steps to Learn to Trust Your Body After Birth Trauma with Marianne Van Katwijk

Aug 19, 2020

No doubt it’s common for women to lose touch with themselves after becoming a mama.

But what’s sad is that so many are left wondering where their desire went after having a baby even if the baby isn’t so much a baby anymore.

If your birth experience didn’t feel empowering, then, it felt dis-empowering and this loss of power makes you question if you can trust your body.

Which can totally kill your confidence and your desire for s*x.

That’s why I’ve brought on Marianne Van Katwijk to tell you her story about learning to trust her body after her birth experience.

For any woman that’s been taught to not trust her body, listen to the 4 steps Marianne took to take back her power in today’s episode.

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Marianne van Katwijk is a highly trained and certified Sexual Empowerment Coach. She is one of the top 1% of Holistic, Integrated and Transformational Sexuality Coaches in the world, and works as a professional coach with individuals, couples and groups.

She obtained her Masters degree in Social Psychology, specializing in Positive Psychology and Solution Based Coaching. She is a graduate of Layla Martin's Tantric School of Integrated Sexuality and is a certified Reiki Master & Teacher. Marianne has had extensive training at the International Academy of Consciousness.

She is a Jade Egg Expert and the founder and developer of Yoni-Magic & Unleashyourwildness. Which make up her brand of magical yoni t-shirts and much more to help guide women back to being connected to their inner natural wild power and magic that can be found within every woman.


Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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