066: I’ve never shared this before... my kundalini awakening story

Aug 19, 2020

Something unexpected I learned about sex years ago was that... it could lead to a spiritual awakening.

To my conservative, religious conditioned side, I was like... wtf?

But my punk-ass rebel side was like, “Oh hell yes! Sign me up!”

Long story short... my punk-ass rebel side won (as it usually does ;)

And I unexpectedly had a spiritual awakening through sex. 

Not only did I wake up to my OWN truth about my body and sexuality (as opposed to the one I was conditioned to believe), but I woke up to a deeper consciousness inside of me, and a magical energy source of turn on, desire and high vibe states of living. 

So if you often find yourself overwhelm, depletion, lack of desire, and your life is pretty boring and there’s too much routine, and your life lacks fun and pleasure then…

It’s time to WAKE THE F*CK UP! Cause, life is meant to live!

Not to be wasted on another day of boredom, worry, challenge, stress, anxiety and depression. 

That is not your natural state. 

Your natural state is to thrive.

So if you’re not thriving and enjoying your life, listen in to today’s episode to hear my kundalini awakening story and learn how this can get activated in you too.

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What would you do with an unlimited source of energy? What would you do more of?

Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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