067: Does your sacral chakra need healing?

Aug 20, 2020

Have you ever met a friendly person who was open to life and everything happening around them, wonderful to be around, and had a strong sense of joy and radiance about them?

Then you’ve probably met someone with a balanced and open sacral chakra.

People with balanced and open sacral chakras tend to attract very healthy relationships where they feel safe being intimate and vulnerable with others, experience passion and lots of turn on and desire for their romantic partner/s, and feel really juicy and alive inside.

So just from hearing that description, it’s pretty safe to say that you don’t need an energy healer or a crystal to tell you if you have a balanced and open sacral chakra.

If life isn’t full of joy and pleasure for you, then you probably have a closed sacral chakra and you’re experiencing 1 of the 10 signs of a closed sacral chakra that I tell you about in the podcast today.

And if your sacral chakra is blown open (i.e. it’s too open), then listen in to learn 1 of the 3 ways you’ll know it’s blown open and needs balancing and healing.

Find out if your sacral chakra needs healing in today's episode of the podcast:

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Go listen to the podcast and tell me, do you think your sacral chakra needs healing


Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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