069: 10 myths religion taught you about sex that are killing your sex life

Aug 20, 2020

For all of you trying to get religion out of your bedroom...

If you got raised religious, chances are, your body and unconscious mind are still holding onto some religious myths about sex keeping you from feeling amazing in your body and sexuality.

I didn’t realize how much these religious myths were affecting my sex life until they weren’t…

When I got real about turning sexual & body shame and guilt around and found my own truth in the matter, the following splendid things started to happen:

  1. I learned to accept and love my post-baby body - don’t worry, I still have my bad days when I go shopping and that gorgeous dress just won’t work with my saggy boobs - but those days are far less in between ;)

  2. I got super confident in the bedroom

  3. I realized that I could wear whatever I wanted that made me feel good and not care what anyone else thinks

  4. I became multiorgasmic and started having all kinds of different orgasms

  5. I found who I am sexually and what I like and don’t like

  6. I learned how to speak up and not be shy about asking for what I want

If I’d been an ounce less curious, I may have never discovered the freedom on the other side of these myths.
That’s why I wanted to bring to your awareness 10 religious myths that could still be affecting your sex life... even if you’re not religious anymore.
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Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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