071: 3 steps to overcome the fear of intimacy

Aug 20, 2020

Some days, I am NOT “fine.” And that’s ok.

In fact, I can hardly stand when you ask someone how they are and they respond, “Oh I’m fine, thanks!”

Really? Fine? That’s all you got?

Here’s why I don’t like “fine:”

  • It means you’re complacent

  • Complacency is SOOO unsexy

  • I don’t know how to respond to something so boring - what I do want is to either celebrate you or be with you in the ways you’re not fine.

Some days… I am not “fine” or even “ok,” and I consider it a great thing.

Like Tuesday.

When in my not “fine-ness, ”I was hardly able to move my body out of bed to go pick up my kids from school after processing and integrating relationship trauma with my trauma resolution coach (yes, coaches, healers and therapists are the ones most in need of their own medicine. In fact, if you’ve got one that hasn’t been through some deep, dark shit and healed it… run far away!).

After mustering up the strength to go get them, I told them it was sandwiches for dinner, and if they needed help with homework, it’d have to be from my bed.

Even though integration & healing might not be convenient, I celebrate the process because it means that things are CHANGING! I AM CHANGING in the direction and in alignment with my desires.

And that’s something to celebrate. (I even got up and ran 6 miles the next morning!)

Working through the fear of intimacy is deep work too.

It’s something almost every single human struggles with… how to be vulnerable, and say what they really mean and connect on a meaningful level.

Because that deep connection with another human is something we all crave, yet we are terrified of and starved from in most of our relationships.

But on the other side of the fear of intimacy, is deep love. And I’m all about the love.

So if you think you might have intimacy blocks, I’ve got 10 questions for you to assess just how blocked you are… plus I’m giving you 3 steps to overcome the fear of intimacy so you can let love in again and change in the direction of, and in alignment with your desires.

Because you’re doomed if you’re living a life of “just fine.”

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Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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