093: How the Sensually Embodied Woman Program changed her life with Breann Colpitts

Aug 23, 2020

I hadn’t had many lightbulb or breakthrough moments around my body or sexuality until I started a jade egg practice.

I’d birthed 2 babies already and recognized that everything I’d been taught about sex, pleasure and my body was a bunch of b.s.

But still, no big breakthroughs other than awareness about what I “didn’t” believe to be true anymore.

And then one day, when I got a free jade egg program as a bonus for signing up for an online business training,

My curiosity and courage got the best of me and I found myself going for it.

10 unsuccessful attempts to get the jade egg in without wanting to vomit, 2 months of regular jade egg practices, and a kundalini awakening experience later…

All the guilt, shame, disgust and fear I’d been taught about sex, pleasure, turn on, and my body was gone.

And I got Lit & Liberated, naturally... no plant medicine journeys required!
The jade egg practice has a different effect on every person, but one thing is for sure, it will absolutely change your relationship with your body, sexuality and your partner.
Just as it did for me and the woman I interviewed in today’s podcast episode.
From becoming multiorgasmic, to making pleasure a priority, to getting the intimacy and connection with her husband after 10 years of marriage, to finding the joy in motherhood again... the jade egg practice has the power to shift your entire life in some pretty EPIC and PROFOUND ways.
Listen to today’s episode to hear Breann Colpitts (former school psychologist now with her own private practice as a social coach for quirky kids) and I discuss how my Sensually Embodied Woman Jade Egg Group Coaching Program has changed her life.

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Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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