172: Ready to get initiated?

Oct 07, 2021

What does it mean to be “initiated” into sacred sexuality?

What it doesn’t mean is:

  • Learning new “tips and tricks”
  • Discovering new positions
  • Or even feeling empowered by the modern feminist narrative to f*ck who you want to f*ck with no shame. (That is surface level sexual empowerment.)

To me, being initiated into sacred sexuality means you quantum leap your consciousness to experiencing yourself as the creator of the s/x life and relationship you desire.

Which means a few things get to happen:

  • Removing all masks
  • Getting uncomfortably vulnerable with yourself and/or your partner
  • Taking radical responsibility for what you have created to-date
  • Feeling empowered to create whatever you want from here on out

From this place of vulnerability, truth is found.

And where truth is, love amplifies.

Even if it’s hard truths.

Once initiated, there’s nothing to hide from, fix or prove.

Everything simply is what it is.

Peace. Freedom. Love.

January 20-25, 2022

Tamarindo, Cost Rica

I’m taking up to 12 people through their very own INITIATION

In this 4 day, 5 night all inclusive retreat for singles and couples, you will:

  • Bust the stories/beliefs/perceptions keeping you from the love you really want
  • Discover your unique path to turn on and pleasure
  • Learn how to communicate your path to a partner even if you’re sexually wired as opposite.
  • Break lifetimes of unconscious commitments keeping you unsatisfied in your sex life and relationship

In today’s podcast episode, I tell you all the details.

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Lots of love,


p.s. Must apply by taking the Pleasure Assessment and booking a call here.

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