198: Open relationships and the trick to dirty talk with Heather Shannon

Apr 20, 2022

In today’s episode of The Multiorgasmic Mama podcast, sex therapist, Heather Shannon and I explore:

  • How to know if an open relationship might be great (or not) for your current relationship
  • How much sex really matters in a relationship
  • Weighing the importance of sex vs. emotional connection
  • The trick to making dirty talk feel authentic, fun and easy
  • The 3 keys (the passion trifecta) to sexual connection and chemistry in long term relationships
  • The line between between vulnerability and mystery in your sex life and relationship

Heather Shannon is a Certified Sex Therapist who helps a diverse group of individuals & partners have a happy, fulfilling and authentic sex life!

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Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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