200: From preorgasmic to multiorgasmic and how she healed sexual abuse with Marci Lock

May 06, 2022

Did you get the message to not have sex until you were married? But then, when you got married, you were left thinking, “huh…I wasn’t supposed to do this until now and now I’m not sure how to actually enjoy it?”

If you struggle with your pleasure and orgasm due to the sex negative cultures and religions most of us were brought up in, you’re going to love today’s interview with my mentor, Marci Lock.

In this episode, you’re going to learn:

  • What she did to reclaim her multiorgasmic pleasure even from all the religious guilt and shame, stalkers, rape and kidnapping attempts, breast cancer, anorexia and bulimia
  • How she went from not even knowing what an orgasm was to becoming multiorgasmic
  • What she did to unlock the flow of abundance at the million dollar level for her coaching packages
  • Why sexuality was the last area of her life that she addressed and how she overcame resistance to transforming it
  • How having the perfect body didn’t do anything for her self confidence
  • And how to drop victim consciousness around being a sexual “victim”

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p.s. Download Marci Lock's 5 Steps to Freedom and find her book at her website here.

p.s.s. Want to fast-track your transformation into a multiorgasmic mama via sex and intimacy coaching? Apply for the Sensually Embodied Woman Coaching Program here.

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