207: From stuck in her head to blissfully in her body with Michelle

Jun 26, 2022

Being in your head is great for achieving and accomplishing all the things, but it’s also the exact conditioning that keeps you from experiencing epic sex and orgasms.

Today, I brought on Michelle, a Sensually Embodied Woman Graduate to share her story of how she went from being perpetually in her head to a multiorgasmic mama.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How SEW helped her spice things up after being married for 14 years
  • How learning to feel her feelings helped her become multiorgasmic
  • The one practice that helped her get past overwhelm, stress and perfectionism and get into her body instead
  • How she’s finally receiving the type of turn on she’s always wanted but didn’t know how to express before SEW

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Lots of love,

Tilly Storm

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