212: Overcoming serial monogamy, toxic feminism and learning to love your body with Amy

Jul 28, 2022

Have you found yourself in relationship after relationship, only to find yourself with the same relationship issue, but different name, different face?

Honestly, I have no idea what the actual definition of “serial monogamy” is, but what it’s come to mean to me is when you jump from one relationship to another without ever healing and integrating the negative stories, conditioning and patterns that led to the demise of the previous relationship in the first place.

Therefore, you bring the same ol negative stories, conditioning and patterns into the new relationship, leading to the demise of that one as well.

When you hear this, it sounds crazy that anyone would go relationship to relationship like this, but the truth is…so many people do.

Because at our core, we are social beings with a deep longing to be in a relationship with another.

But for those relationships to be truly fulfilling and satisfying, it does require that we look at our shit…that we find the common denominator in all of our so-called “failed” relationships…which is always…YOU.

In today’s podcast episode with Amy, you’re going to learn how she:

  • Healed and integrated negative stories, conditioning and patterns around relationship at the deepest level, ultimately attracting her current sacred partnership
  • Was “chosen” by her current man
  • How she learned to become interdependent in a world of toxic feminism that’s taught you to be hyper-independent
  • How she FINALLY learned to love her body

What I love most about this episode and Amy’s story is how it highlights one of the most damaging stories we were ever raised to by into…the story that says, “Now, go to school, get good grades, don’t depend on a man, be independent”

I've worked and talked with enough women to see how the feminist movement has really taken a toll on high achieving women...

Leading them to total burn out, overwhelm, and anxiety for trying to hold it all together because they simply do not know how to let someone DO for them

They do not know how to RECEIVE.

 Be sure to listen all the way till the end to hear her share how she finally learned to love her body. 

And don’t be surprised if you tear up a little hearing her say just how much she loves every single part of her body.

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Lots of love,


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