213: Rebuilding your confidence and mojo after an affair with Alison

Aug 04, 2022

"Dump him! He’s not worth it! You deserve so much more!"

We women like to band together for the most part.

We sure like to tear each other down from time to time as well.

But when it comes to being cheated on, most women will rally together to help build up the one who was cheated on with often unhelpful statements like these.

While well intentioned, if you’ve ever been cheated on, you’ll probably find that those statements did nothing but put you in a bigger pit of confusion and despair than you were before.

When you’re unclear what you want for the relationship moving forward, it’s important to go within and find the answers within yourself.

That’s what Alison did, anyway.

After losing her job and then finding out about her husband’s ongoing 2 year affair… with 3 kids to raise, she was desperate to find herself again.

Life had given her some challenging straws.

What set Alison apart from all the others is…she went inside and found her own truth about what she wanted for her relationship.

Not only that, but she also regained her confidence and mojo back not from a fancy new boob job, botox, lingerie shopping or nose job

But LASTING confidence and the best orgasms of her life when she learned to be her own best lover.

Hear her amazing story of rebuilding her confidence and mojo after her husband’s affair.

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