214: The 4 most profound benefits of a jade yoni egg practice and why it’s safe and effective

Aug 11, 2022

Today, I’m putting to bed a conversation I’m no longer willing to have over email…that conversation has to do with the safety and effectiveness of the jade yoni egg practice.

When it comes to experiencing epic sex and pleasure, the jade yoni egg is my go-to practice.

I teach all of my female clients this practice. But, some women are skeptical and even weary of using a jade egg internally.

That’s because there’s alot of inaccurate and mis-informed articles floating around the internet about the jade yoni egg practice.

What I want women to ask themselves is…do you know what’s in most of your sex toys?!

The sex toy industry is mostly unregulated.

Meaning, that many cancer-causing chemicals end up in sex toys.

If it smells funny, don’t put it up your vagina.

If you don’t know what it’s made out of (and alot of the time you won’t, because sex toy companies are not required to list what’s in their products), don’t put it up your vagina.

But for some reason, something that’s highly effective and safe to use gets hammered by a certain group of medical professionals because:

  1. They don’t even know what a jade yoni egg PRACTICE even is
  2. They have no clue about what types of yoni eggs are recommended within the tradition
  3. Anything that’s empowering to the woman herself is generally not endorsed by the medical community

It’s time to put this issue of the safety of the jade yoni egg practice to bed once and for all.

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