220: Bored with your clitoral orgasm?

Sep 22, 2022

Is your erotic menu boring you? Are you tired of “eating” the same things off of the erotic menu that’s been modified for food shortages?

A food shortage menu is sadly what most of us have been served for the past couple thousand years.

Only a small group of people in the East were fortunate enough to learn all the amazing ways to make their own erotic menu that included at least a 5 course, 5-star, organic, plant-based “meal” despite whatever else was going on in the world!

Good news is…I learned their secrets. And I’m dishing them out to you today.

If you’re bored with your clitoral orgasm because you know there’s “more” but not sure how to find it or what you’re even looking for, tune in to today’s episode.

After you’ve listened, shoot me an email and tell me…what stage of orgasmic development are you in? I’d love to hear!

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