230: From asexual to sex goddess - one woman’s journey to igniting desire and having cervical and throat orgasms

Nov 23, 2022

If the thought has ever crossed your mind that maybe you’re just asexual, and you’ve struggled knowing what to do with that, I have news for you:

Igniting your sexual desire is just like any other conscious endeavor we put our minds to.

If you want to loose weight and eat healthier, you hire a personal trainer and health coach and start working out and eating better.

If you want to have more savings and investments, you get a money coach and make a plan to save and invest!

If you want to have a better sex life, you hire a sex coach and learn practices to cultivate your sexual energy and remove your internal blocks to having desire

On today’s episode of the podcast, you’re going to learn exactly how one of my client’s Meg:

  • Went from wondering if she was asexual to actually wanting and initiating sex
  • Started having regular cervical orgasms
  • Had her first mind-blowing throat orgasm

In this tell-all episode, Meg shares exactly how she learned to get out of her head, drop her to-do list and enjoy sensual pleasure

As well as how she learned to have regular cervical and throat orgasms.

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