236: 5 tips to get in the mood when you have all the orgasms but lack desire and never initiate

Jan 18, 2023

Consider this…your partner makes an advance on you and you immediately shut him down cause you’re not in the mood.

You’ve got a mile long list of to-do’s

You’re in the middle of working on a project

You don’t want to stop what you’re doing for sexy time

You’re perfectly content doing exactly what you’re doing right now

Except…your partner is getting frustrated.

He wants sex.

He wants SPONTANEOUS sex.

He initiates sex.

He initiates SPONTANEOUS sex.

He doesn’t understand why you don’t want it more often cause when you do have sex, it’s GREAT.

You have lots of orgasms.

You may even have different types of orgasms.

You LOVE sex when you actually have it.

But, you just can’t get yourself to “get in the mood” enough to have it.

What’s the freaking deal ladies?

In today’s episode of The Multiorgasmic Millionaire Podcast, I share with you the deal.

Check out the episode on 5 tips to get in the mood when you have all the orgasms, experience all the pleasure, but you lack desire and never initiate.

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