238: Expanding your pleasure with plant medicine with Elizabeth Lynn

Feb 01, 2023

Elizabeth Lynn, raised in a religious home where plant medicines were considered taboo, embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery, soulgasmic pleasure and spiritual awakening, using sacred sacraments and plant medicine to break through the 3D matrix and usher in a new golden age of peace and joy.

Elizabeth went on a journey to find healing for her daughter, who was struggling with anxiety and depression.

She was initially scared to try it, but she experienced a powerful transformation, learning to access pleasure and joy through the medicine.

Through her journey, she discovered that the medicine can provide an access point to a different reality and allow people to break through paradigms to live in harmony and peace.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How plant medicine can provide access to a higher state of consciousness and break through paradigms of the 3D matrix world.
  2. How plant medicine can open up access to pleasure and help people remember their true essence.
  3. How proper preparation and integration are key to having a safe, beneficial experience with plant medicine .

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