239: Healing Your Cervix: Denell Randall's Journey to Rediscovering Herself

Feb 08, 2023

After years of denying her body and allowing codependent sex, Denell is sent a wakeup call when her abnormal PAP smears progress to the edge of cervical cancer, motivating her to embark on a journey of self-love and inner awakening to heal her cervix.

You will learn:

  1. Exploring how our boundaries, or lack thereof, can lead to HPV or cervical dysplasia. 
  2. Examining how connecting with the cervix can lead to a deeper level of embodiment and a sense of wholeness.
  3. Investigating the role of the vagus nerve in relation to the cervix and its potential to be a pathway to self-discovery.

Denell is an women’s Integrative Health Coach and the founder of Cervical Wellness, a business dedicated to helping women heal their cervixes and deepen their relationship with their deep pelvis. She has been on a journey of healing her own cervix for the past seven years and now helps other women do the same.

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