296: How to Reignite The Passion in Long Term Relationships with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell

Apr 25, 2024

Today we have a special guest on the podcast! This rarely happens so you know that if I bring someone onto my podcast it’s because I 100% believe they will add value to your life. 

Today, I’d like you to meet Dr. Alexandra Stockwell, host of The Intimate Marriage Podcast.

In our conversation, we not only dive into igniting passion, but you’ll get to hear:

  • Alexandra’s journey from being a physician to becoming the "intimacy doctor" and how her work centers around deepening connection and intimacy.
  • The truth behind the myth of mismatched libido and why emotional intimacy is crucial for sustaining desire in long-term relationships.
  • The role of communication, authenticity, and emotional connection in igniting and maintaining passion.
  • Insights into postmenopausal sex and how intimacy and pleasure can evolve and deepen over time.
  • The subtle nuances of sexual experiences and the importance of being fully present and authentic with yourself and your partner.

By tuning in, you'll walk away with practical tips and profound insights to create a more fulfilling intimate connection.

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