297: How to overcome creative blocks in the bedroom and biz

May 02, 2024

Do you feel stuck in your business/career or creatively blocked in the bedroom?

I know what it’s like to feel stuck and like nothing is changing. Maybe you’re taking the steps you know you need to take, taking the actions and still, you’re not seeing the results in your business.

In the bedroom, you feel bored but at the same time don’t have the energy or capacity to put forth the effort anymore to try anything different. You’d like to if only you knew what to do or try and how to make it easy.

The effort, the conversations, it all seems almost not worth it so you just…don’t try.

I’ve been there! And I know how to get out as well 🙂

Learn 4 ways to overcome creative blocks in the bedroom and in your business or career on today’s episode!

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