Epic Sex Blueprint

For couples wanting to improve sexual communication, deepen connection, and banish bedroom boredom forever!

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Are you ready to turn up the heat and ignite passion like never before?

Have you been…

🗣Having the same conversation about sex for decades but it either leads to arguments or goes nowhere?

👄Feeling like you’re speaking different languages when it comes to sex?

💑Desiring to go deeper intimately with your partner?

😍Feeling uncreative in the bedroom, wanting to explore your sexuality, but not sure where or how to start?


🔑Breaking free from the barriers that hinder your exploration of wild, ecstatic sex and sacred intimacy.

👀Picture yourselves effortlessly resolving communication and connection issues that have held you back from fully experiencing your deepest sexual desires together.

💁🏽‍♀️Why settle for a mundane sexual routine when you can unlock a world of passion, satisfaction and open communication like never before?



"My husband and I are starting off a whole new exciting piece of our relationship. We’ve been going through the motions, had little kids for a long time, so I’m excited about where we’re going to go from here and apply what I’ve experienced with this life force energy within me and how that’s going to propel me wherever I want to go."

- Amber

I have the detailed training and blueprint you need, as well as the guidance, support, and accountability

for the two of you to safely and confidently explore your sexuality, communication and connection together.

This is my Epic Sex Blueprint Program for Couples!

This is the only program that combines the power of couples coaching with 10 exhilarating audio and video guided Epic Sex Date Nights. These extraordinary experiences will lead you through a treasure trove of tools and practices, allowing you to break free from communication hangups and monotonous routines.

…allowing you both to experience sexual satisfaction and open communication like never before.

The Epic Sex Blueprint is specifically designed for couples who:

  1. Struggle to communicate effectively about sex
  2. Find their sexual needs unfulfilled
  3. Crave exploration and new experiences together
  4. Desire deeper intimacy and connection in their life

With The Epic Sex Blueprint, you will:

🗣Master the art of sexual communication

💘Enhance your sexual connection like never before

😻Explore a multitude of new and exciting sexual experiences

🔥Rediscover the joy and playfulness of sex



"I realized I actually wanted to be submissive in the bedroom and this program helped me own that!

- Alex

Each Epic Sex Date Night begins with...

Empowering communication or connection practices, paving the way for exhilarating sexual exploration.

From sensual adventures to spiritual awakenings, from electric pleasure to wild and kinky encounters, you’ll have access to practices to take you to the next level.

Each Epic Sex Date Night is designed to give you 45min - 1 hour practices that can easily fit into your busy schedule.

These foundations hold the keys to creating epic sex and passion that will last a lifetime.

In addition to your unforgettable date nights, you’ll also participate in bi-monthly couples coaching calls.

These sessions provide a safe space for healing, growth, and integration of past behaviors and patterns that may have caused difficulties in your sex life and relationship.

Sex date nights are an essential component of a thriving relationship, just like regular date nights.

Think of sex date nights as the difference between savoring intentional, soul-nourishing sex with your partner and rushing through quickie encounters like fast food. While both have their place, you deserve a diverse range of options to keep the passion alive!

When you master sexual communication, connection, and skills, you open up a world of possibilities.

There's a common misconception that if the frequency, satisfaction, or communication around sex isn't up to par, something must be fundamentally wrong in the relationship.

But I'm here to tell you that it's nothing more than a myth.

The truth is, ALL couples face challenges in their sex life and relationship at some point, and it doesn't mean there's anything inherently wrong or that you shouldn't be together.

It simply means you need new tools for communication, connection, and a toolbox of sexual practices to infuse excitement and passion back into your intimate lives.


How it works:

⁉️You might wonder, "why bother learning communication skills if talking about it has never yielded results?"

By creating communication containers with clearly defined rules, you learn how to hold your partner's truth without triggering each other.

This paves the way for open and honest conversations about your desires and needs.

⁉️"And what about reigniting or deepening sexual connection after being sexless of not prioritizing sex for a while?"

The answer lies in intentionally carving out time and space to explore your sexuality, just like you did when you first met.

When you neglect your sex life and relationship due to work, family commitments, or other responsibilities, the longer you go without prioritizing intimacy, the harder it becomes to reconnect.

It's like an elephant in the room that keeps growing.

Moreover, when work slows down or the kids leave, you may find yourself facing a significant disconnection, unsure of how to navigate back into a place of intimacy and connection.

The reality is, no one taught you how to have great sex or effectively communicate about it while growing up. It's a missing piece in our education.

Sexual communication and connection are learned skills

that require dedicated time and effort to master if you desire a passionate and fulfilling sex life in the long run. It doesn't happen magically, and traditional couple's therapy isn't the solution!

Why couple's therapy and counseling don't work:

Unfortunately, many couple's therapists and counselors have limited to no training in sexuality or the intricacies of great sex. As a result, they have the lowest success rate among therapy modalities.

You need to learn the necessary skills and techniques to safely practice sacred sexuality, tantric experiences, explore kink, or engage in wild and adventurous practices.

By investing in these skills, both you and your partner can truly have the extraordinary, fulfilling sex life you both desire!

Introducing the Epic Sex Blueprint Approach:

Are you ready to transform your relationship and sex life into a conscious, extraordinary experience?

The Epic Sex Blueprint is a comprehensive 10-session private program that shares my personal arsenal of tools and practices, designed to empower you in cultivating conscious relationships and unlocking the full potential of your sexuality.

Now, let's set realistic expectations:

I'm not promising an overnight fix - that would be a miracle!

However, I can assure you that this program provides lifelong skills to consciously navigate your sexual journey, enabling you to confidently express your desires and experience the pleasure you've always dreamed of.

In a nutshell, this program is tailor-made for you if:

  •  You crave a safe exploration of new sexual experiences and to feel sexually creative again.
  •  You aspire to become exceptional communicators, connecting with your partner on an epic level.
  •  You yearn for deep, fulfilling intimacy and profound connection.
  •  You seek effective tools to address personal insecurities and fears surrounding sex.
  •  You desire alignment and synchronization in your sexual desires.
  •  You strive to stand side by side with your partner as equals on a shared mission.
  •  You're tired of having the same repetitive arguments about sex and yearn for resolution.
  •  You're eager to understand your partner's sexual needs and desires.
  •  You want to overcome the challenges of a dead bedroom and mismatched libido.

On the other hand, this program may not be the right fit for you if:

  •  You prefer to engage in the same arguments about sex for years or even decades.
  •  You prioritize staying within your "comfort zone" rather than pursuing the profound intimacy and pleasure you genuinely deserve.
  •  You're content with a shallow and unfulfilling sex life that lacks depth and meaning.
  •  You're unwilling to put in the work required to shed old communication patterns, confront sexual insecurities, and let go of emotional baggage.
  •  You hold prudish beliefs about sex, viewing it as dirty, shameful, or sinful, and are resistant to evolving those beliefs.
  •  You'd rather focus on maintaining a superficial appearance of a perfect couple rather than actively engaging in the work to become an extraordinary couple.

The Epic Sex Blueprint is a transformative journey that will empower you to revolutionize your relationship and embrace a sex life that exceeds your highest expectations.

It's time to make a choice that will forever change the way you relate to yourself and your partner intimately.

The Program Breakdown:

Each date night is expertly condensed into easy-to-follow video and audio instructions, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Each date night is meticulously designed to expand your sexual horizons, enhance communication, and ignite a profound connection with your partner.

Ready to forever revolutionize your sex life?

Imagine entering an ice cream shop and trying all the flavors available.

Some you'll love, and some you may not enjoy as much. However, the ones you love, you would have never discovered if you hadn't been willing to try!

My program is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and bring back the passion, joy and playfulness in your sexual experiences.

I believe that sex should be a playground for adults, but unfortunately, many of us have turned it into a prison of seriousness.

Through this program, you'll learn exciting new techniques that allow you to explore the diverse flavors of sexuality in a safe and supportive environment.

You'll have the freedom to embrace what resonates with you and leave behind what doesn't.


In addition to the transformative 10 sex date nights, you'll also have access to bi-monthly private coaching calls.

During your private coaching sessions, I'll guide both of you or just you individually through powerful processes such as:

  • Core Erotic Blueprint Exploration
  • Teaching on holistic sex techniques to last longer and become multi-orgasmic
  • Core wound healing & Integration
  • Polarity Coaching
  • Increasing your internal state of worthiness/deservingness

Together, we'll explore what it takes for you to thrive sexually and relationally, and create a customized roadmap to get there.

It's time to break free from limitations and unlock a world of possibilities in your sex life!

“Just do the program! If you’re ready to do the work, if you’re sick of feeling like shit. If you’re ready to feel and be empowered, chase your desires and have the sex life and relationship you want to have, do this program!”

- Bianca

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