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What others are saying after starting a jade egg practice:


"I've become multiorgasmic! You just don't know until you know how much better it can be! I felt my husband and I had a pretty healthy sex life. Our kids are little but I wanted things to be better with more connection and mind-blowing sex and orgasms. And that's happened!"


“I’ve known about the jade eggs, but I’d never used one. I had the point of view that I didn’t need it. But focusing on growing that muscle gives you so much pleasure.  It’s taught me so much about my body’s warm up process about what it wants and needs before sex.”


"To say that my orgasms are better and more is an understatement! I'm having the best orgasms and sex of my life! I was able to learn to enjoy all aspects of pleasure and let myself rest and surrender and be still for the first time ever!"


“I’ve never had an orgasm that’s lasted as long as it did! I’m so blown away by it! I didn’t time it, but it must have been several minutes which is unreal! Even my husband was like, “Are you still having an orgasm” even while I was still having it! You can achieve that level of pleasure when you allow yourself to receive.”


"The jade egg process broke down my walls and helped me get to the depths I needed to go to heal my past sexual trauma"


“The jade egg was definitely a magical experience. Every time I did a jade egg practice I would just feel energized and turned on, and ready to receive pleasure, in whatever form. It really helped me bring pleasure into my daily life. I have noticed a stronger pelvic floor, which has made sex and orgasms way better than they have ever been in my life."

Who is the jade egg practice for? 

It's for women who want to:

  • Tone and strengthen the pelvic floor for better, longer lasting orgasms
  • Release sexual shame and guilt
  • Become multiorgasmic and have cervical, g and a-spot, full body and energy orgasms
  • Experience more self love
  • Learn how to drop the goal of orgasm
  • Release negative conditioning, and sexual and birth trauma

In the eGuide, you'll not only receive 6 audio-guided practices to start your jade egg journey today, but you'll learn:

- How to care for your jade egg and prepare it for first time use

- When to use it and when not to use it

- Why to use nephrite jade and not other crystals or stones

- How to warm up your body for the jade egg and exactly how to use it with my audio-guided practices

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