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Hey, high-achieving women! Tired of experiencing a lack of pleasure or desire in the bedroom? Imagine...

💥 Reigniting passion with your husband like pre-kids days!

💥 Charging up with ENERGY for mind-blowing sex!

💥 Being able to get out of your head and into your body!

💥 Feeling confident in your skin, turned on, and empowered!

💥 Knowing what you want and like sexually and confidently asking for it!

💥 Having different types of orgasms in different ways!


Welcome to ...

Sex Goddess: 5 Months to Total Freedom in the bedroom

(formerly Sensually Embodied Woman)

Let’s get real – amid your bustling life, making time for pleasure might seem last on the list. 

But here’s the deal: Putting your pleasure and sex life on the back-burner hurts more than you think.

Picture this…

Once upon a time, you dreamt of lasting passion with your man. Now, work and kids consume you, leaving hot, steamy sex in the dust...

Did you ever expect dull routines or fights about sex?

Did you ever plan for the passion to just fizzle?

Of course not!


Join thousands who've realized this setback. Because not prioritizing your sex life and pleasure leads to:

 -Resenting your partner

-Questioning your life choices

-Having sex out of obligation

-People-pleasing exhaustion

-Cold shoulder conflicts

-Fizzling passion

Guess what? Your relationship takes the hit, our kids notice, and precious moments fade because you're worried about your relationship.

But here’s the truth – passionate sex and intimate connection are learned skills you CAN master!

"Working with Tilly saved my relationship! My sex drive is through the roof! Having a young child, I had lost myself. I am now happy and know who I am and what I want! Before the program, I had never had an orgasm....now I have several different types! Sex is now not only a regular occurrence but is enjoyable and we are experimenting more than ever." 

- Sarah B.

So why should you trust me?

I'm your go-to advocate for igniting your desire and pleasure, and fiercely dedicated to elevating your bedroom game.

My expertise? Rekindling the fire in high-achieving women who've lost touch with their sensuality. I'm all about reigniting that spark!

When I'm not changing lives, I'm feeding my wanderlust for adventure. Surfing the world's hottest spots with my boys or diving into transformative retreats with my man.

I've spent 2 decades studying women’s bodies and sexuality. From a pre-med biochemistry background to 7 years as a doula and midwife apprentice, my path led me to somatic sex and intimacy coaching since 2017.

Born in conservative New Orleans, I've always been a rebel at heart. Challenging conventional career norms, Western medicine, and spiritual dogmas from an early age. At 23, my free-birth experience ignited a decade-long transformation journey – reshaping my body, relationships, parenting, finances, and career.

From 350,000+ podcast downloads on 'The Multiorgasmic Millionaire' to a spot in the top 20 sex coaches globally, and guiding countless clients, I've learned what it takes to reawaken a woman’s mojo. It’s my honor and joy to steer you towards transformative practices to reconnect you with your sexuality and sensuality.

"I've become multiorgasmic! You just don't know until you know how much better it can be! I felt my husband and I had a pretty healthy sex life. Our kids are little but I wanted things to be better with more connection and mind-blowing sex and orgasms. And that's happened!"

- Breann

Say Hello to Sex Goddess! Ideal For:

💃 Women who want to rekindle their sexual fire - who are in a long-term relationship or marriage where the chemistry is not quite as good as it used to be.

👩‍👦Moms craving pre-kid vibrance and energy - who long for more freedom, aliveness, energy and sexiness.

🚺Women who are single - who want to take time to heal old wounds and create a solid foundation for sex and intimacy moving forward

🙏 Women shaking off a repressive upbringing - who want to be taught how to feel amazing in their body and sexuality and celebrate it.

Sex Goddess works like magic:

Because it's the only program out there that includes:

1) A deep dive into inner transformation.

2) Embodiment practices for you AND your partner.

3) The pleasure education you never got growing up

4) Accountability to follow through with your commitment to the transformation...

all without taking tons of time and energy! 

Can't I just buy some sexy lingerie, try a new sex toy, or go on date night?

Sure, you can try those things all you want.

Chances are, you've already done that and it a) didn't work or b) you feel too uncomfortable or can't make the time.

Fact is...

Unlocking sexual freedom demands more than miracle fixes. It demands YOU take the wheel!

I get it – my repressive upbringing shaped me too. Pleasure was taboo. I learned it was just for others. But you know what?

Prioritizing YOU matters. The only thing in the way of that is your learned behavior.

Which means it can be UN-learned.



Does your life look like never ending to-do's? Playing with your kid, but thinking of chores? Wanting intimacy, but not being able to 'get in the mood'?

If so...that's because of pleasure-negative programming. It drains your mojo, and leaves you just barely "going through the motions."

"To say that my orgasms are better and more is an understatement! I'm having the best orgasms and sex of my life! I was able to learn to enjoy all aspects of pleasure and let myself rest and surrender and be still for the first time ever!"

- Veronica

But here’s the plan:

Put YOU first, unleash your sexual energy at the core!

Ditch limiting beliefs, emotions, and traumas.

Relight that pre-kid passion and beyond!

Tap into your original sexual essence and rediscover YOU.

I'll show you how to embrace your inner sex goddess instead!


Doubting this will work for you? You're not alone

🌱 Hormones aren’t the fix.

🌴 Vacations end, and life resumes.

🌿 Herbs are short-term magic.

The answer lies in shifting your pleasure-negative conditioning and resolving your traumas.

Getting in touch with YOUR pleasure is your secret weapon.

"All the practices including the jade egg, helped me get into my body so I could have a better understanding of what the source of overwhelm was. That gave me the support I needed to have that orgasmic Kundalini awakening."

- Serena

“I feel empowered to continue loving myself and putting myself first, because I’ve seen first hand that when I’m consistent with my practices, I’m able to provide better for my family and my clients. I can do anything I want.”

- Amira

When you prioritize pleasure, you: 

🌟 Reconnect with your essence.

⚡️ Ignite endless ENERGY.

🔥 Feel fulfilled from within.

🌺 Embrace your inner sex goddess.

"The jade egg process broke down my walls and helped me get to the depths I needed to go to heal my past sexual trauma."

- Irene

Prioritizing pleasure gifts you…

💝 A full cup to give from.

🌈 A role model for your kids.

🌻 Liberation from just "going through the motions".


Ready to transform?

Take the first step and book the call. Let’s talk!

From there, you’ll answer 5 short questions.

Limited spots available.

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“Just do the program! If you’re ready to do the work, if you’re sick of feeling like shit. If you’re ready to feel and be empowered, chase your desires and have the life you want to have, do this program!”

- Bianca

Doubting the magic?

Understand this:

It’s not as difficult, time-consuming or involved as you think, and no one fails in pleasure school.

Sometimes, slowing down is the key to speeding up.

Small shifts create massive transformation.

Inch by inch, life's a synch! But yard by yard is hard.

No more daunting to-do lists. It's time to unlearn, unwind goal oriented (orgasm-focused) programming, and put YOU and YOUR PLEASURE FIRST!


“I’ve never had an orgasm that’s lasted as long as it did! I’m so blown away by it! I didn’t time it, but it must have been several minutes which is unreal! Even my husband was like, “Are you still having an orgasm” even while I was still having it! You can achieve that level of pleasure when you allow yourself to receive.”

- Allison

Ready to take the next step?

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"I feel whole for the very first time, totally secure in my female sexiness as though it was a true part of me rather than something I have to dress up for or be self-conscious about."

- Suzannah

Here's how it works:

I'll show you powerful tools and practices to

 Discover your wants and needs and confidently ask for them

 Start initiating sex because you actually want it

 Feel sexy and become multiorgasmic

 Learn to have different types of orgasms in different ways

 Learn to orgasm from penetration

 Discover your unique path to turn on and how to confidently communicate it to your husband

 Begin putting your pleasure and needs first, guilt-free

 Establish and enforce boundaries that previously kept you drained

 Learn to surrender into your feminine and let your husband lead

"I broke my vibrator dependency! I can now orgasm through penetration!”

- Barb

Impressive, right? But hold on, what’s with the “jade egg” thing? Insert what where?!

If you’re new to hearing about the jade egg practice, you might be thinking, “what IS a Jade Egg” and “how does it help?”

Don't worry, I’ve got you covered on all things Jade Egg – the secret to reclaiming your mojo and unlocking a universe of pleasure.

Imagine this: A smooth, egg-shaped stone, used internally where you do a variety of squeezes, releases, and breathwork practices that help you experience more

💕Self love






As a certified Jade Egg coach via VITA Coaching, I’m equipped to guide you safely and effectively.

But hey, it's not just about inserting an egg and hoping for magic. It’s ancient wisdom tailored to modern queens like you:

💫 Rewire trauma with modern insight.

💫 Strengthen sensate-focus and vaginal vitality.

💫 Gently release blocks to usher in pleasure.

💫 Infuse positivity and relaxation.

You don’t get this by fixing your hormones or going on a kid-free vacay.

This is the art of prioritizing YOU through consistent practice, transforming your life.

Think about it – when was the last time you invested in YOUR pleasure, YOUR wellbeing?

Take the plunge, book a call, and let’s unlock your path to Sexual Goddesshood.

Limited spots available, because you deserve extraordinary!

“Last night we finally did full penetration!!!! And no pain!!! I did the jade egg breathing practice during and it really helped me to relax. I am so stoked.”

- Stacy

Unlock Your Path to reclaiming your inner Sex Goddess with 4 Key Elements:

Private Coaching


Experience my unmatched pleasure-centric coaching framework to reclaim your sensuality, gain confidence, and revel in body freedom. In 1.5-hour sessions every other week, I'll be your guide throughout the Sex Goddess journey. Plus, imagine this – if your partner’s game, we bring him in for game-changing couple's coaching sessions!

Guided Date Nights & Solo Practices


Your golden ticket to the Sex Goddess Member Library and Epic Sex Blueprint Library, offering a treasure trove of the sex education you missed growing up. Dive into solo practices that empower you and electrifying date nights with your husband that amp up your connection.

Husband Support


We're not leaving your partner out! He'll gain lifetime access to the "How to Sexually Please a Woman" Member Library, with 3 modules of invaluable content. He'll master understanding you, foreplay, the art of arousal, erotic languages, and breezy talks about sizzling intimacy.

Support Between Sessions:


Between sessions, reach out via Marco Polo (a video app) with updates, questions, or insights. Your chance to receive timely reflections, coaching, and support – essential to keep the fire burning beyond sessions.

"I realized I actually wanted to be submissive in the bedroom and this program helped me own that! My favorite part of the program was the group sessions. They were amazingly beautiful, safe spaces to talk about things I had fear and shame about. And talking about them broke the shame down."

- Alex T.

Embrace Your Inner Sex Goddess in Just 5 Months!

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