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If you’re a new mom, or women who’s struggled with lack of desire, pleasure in the bedroom, or finding the energy to have sex at all, what if you could...

💦Have even more awesome sex with your king than before your little prince or princess was born?

💦Have more ENERGY for sex?

💦Get out of your head and feel connected to your body?

💦Feel sexually confident and more turned on?

💦Discover what you want and like and how to ask for it?

💦Have mind-blowing orgasms in different ways?

Introducing my totally revamped and renamed signature Coaching Program...

Sex Goddess: 5 Months to Total Freedom in the bedroom

(formerly Sensually Embodied Woman)

Now, it might seem that focusing on your pleasure and sexuality is the last thing on your mind or to-do list…

After all, you’re a high-achieving woman with a family, career/business, and household to manage.

So, let me point out how NOT focusing on your sex life and making it a priority is doing you more harm than you realize

And why making your pleasure and sex life a priority is the most important thing you could do for yourself and your family

Take a second and think about this…

When you fell in love and had kids, did you ever dream that one day you’d become so involved with your business or career, and raising kids that you just stopped having as much sex, or at all?

…or that you’d get stuck in a boring sexual routine?

…or that you’d give into his initiations just to get him off your back?

After speaking with thousands of women, 

I’ve found that when you don’t prioritize your pleasure and your sex life, you end up:

-Resenting your partner

-Questioning your decision to get married and have children in the first place

-Having sex out of obligation

-Over-giving and people-pleasing

-Fighting about sex and intimacy or giving the cold-shoulder

 -All the while, your kids are picking up on this negative energy, you're driving your relationship to the ground, and you're missing out on the precious moments watching them grow up...

Good news is…reclaiming your sexuality and becoming a sex goddess is a skill

And like all skills: it can be mastered.

No more boring sexual routines!

"Working with Tilly saved my relationship! My sex drive is through the roof! Having a young child, I had lost myself. I am now happy and know who I am and what I want! Before the program, I had never had an orgasm....now I have several different types! Sex is now not only a regular occurrence but is enjoyable and we are experimenting more than ever." 

- Sarah B.

So why should you trust me?

I'm on a mission to help high achieving women experience epic sex and pleasure in the bedroom and beyond.

I have a sweet spot for guiding successful, overachieving moms back into their sensuality and sexuality and showing them how to get their mojo back.

When not at home, I satisfy my insatiable appetite for adventure and personal growth and development by traveling the world for the next hot surf spot with my boys, or the next retreat to take me deeper in my own journey.

I've been studying women’s bodies and sexuality for over 20 years, first as a pre-med biochemistry major and aspiring OB/GYN, then as a doula and midwife apprentice for 7 years, and then as a holistic sex and intimacy coach since 2017.

Born and raised in the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana in a conservative Christian home, my rebel spirit emerged at an early age - defying the mainstream narrative regarding career paths, conventional Western medicine, to spirituality. At 23 years old, my free-birth experience ignited a decade’s long transformation with my body, sexuality, relationships, parenting, money, and career.

After 270,000+ downloads on my podcast - The Multiorgasmic Millionaire, being voted one of the top 20 sex coaches in the world, and working with hundreds of paying clients, I've learned a lot about what it takes to help a woman get her mojo back. And it’s truly my highest honor and pleasure to provide you with the guidance, support and transformative practices to get you back in touch with...YOU!

"I've become multiorgasmic! You just don't know until you know how much better it can be! I felt my husband and I had a pretty healthy sex life. Our kids are little but I wanted things to be better with more connection and mind-blowing sex and orgasms. And that's happened!"

- Breann

So who is Sex Goddess For?

Women who want to rekindle their sexual fire - who are in a long-term relationship or marriage where the chemistry is not quite as good as it used to be.

Mothers who want their mojo back after kids - who long for the freedom, aliveness, sexiness and energy pre-kids.

Women who are single - who want to take time to heal old wounds and create a solid foundation for sex and intimacy moving forward

Women who were raised with strict religious conditioning - who want to be taught how to feel amazing in their body and sexuality and celebrate it.

How is Sex Goddess so effective?

Well, that’s because it’s the only program out there that I know of that teaches you how to get out of your head, be in your body, and ignite the flame of desire within...without taking tons of time and energy!

I truly believe that most of the world's problems stem from people being disconnected to their body and their sexuality.

Let’s talk about what happens when you’re disconnected from your body:

- You say yes when you really mean no, and no when you mean yes

- You ignore your deep intuition

- You don’t speak up for your wants or desires

- You rely on pharmaceuticals or numbing behaviors to deal with anxiety, overwhelm, depression or stress

- You eat things that aren’t good for you just to feel better

And what happens when you’re disconnected from your sexuality?

- You lose your spark

- You feel tired and depleted

- You lack confidence

- You hope to get sex over with as quickly as possible

- You think of your to-do list during sex

- You miss out on being in the moment

- You're sexually unsatisfied

Can't I just buy some sexy lingerie, try a new sex toy, or go on date night?

Sure, you can try those things all you want.

Chances are, you've already done that and it a) didn't work or b) you feel too uncomfortable or can't make the time.

The thing is...

The key to reclaiming your sexuality and experiencing total freedom in the bedroom

is NOT pulling Time, Energy, a Kid-free night, or a Vacation out of thin air.

It's prioritizing you and your pleasure.

And I get how hard that can be!

I grew up Southern Baptist and, like you, learned absolutely nothing about prioritizing my pleasure.

I learned...

That it's only for men and sluts

That it's something you GIVE another

That it's evil and wrong

So it makes sense that prioritizing your pleasure can be challenging in a world that’s taught you that it doesn't matter.

Why oh why is it so hard to prioritize your pleasure?

Because no one modeled this for you. Your mom and her mom didn't teach you how to put yourself first.

"To say that my orgasms are better and more is an understatement! I'm having the best orgasms and sex of my life! I was able to learn to enjoy all aspects of pleasure and let myself rest and surrender and be still for the first time ever!"

- Veronica

Because the world has taught you that your pleasure doesn't matter

That you only deserve pleasure when all the to-do's are complete

You rarely experience a true moment of pleasure and bliss.

But the thing is,

As a busy, high achieving woman, the to-do's are never done.

You go to play with your kid, but all you can think about is the dirty dishes you need to put away

You go to make love with your partner and you just can't get in the mood

This happens because you’ve internalized pleasure-negative programming.

And now, this lack of mojo is keeping you tired and drained,




What started as a difficult time getting out of your head

Has now shut down your mojo and put you on auto-pilot - simply going through the motions

Further disconnecting you from your pleasure, your body and sexuality

So what to do?

In order to start making your pleasure a priority, we need to get you in the practice of putting YOU first

And working at the nervous system and somatic level to clear blocks to pleasure and free up energy inside

This is what Sex Goddess: 5 Months to Total Freedom in Bed does.

It allows you to release all of the limiting stories, beliefs, emotions, and traumas

So that you can have even more awesome sex with your King than you had before your littles came along or before you got married.

By learning to tap into your feminine essence and connect more with your body and pleasure

So you drop the boring sexual routine, the obligatory and goal-oriented sex


"All the practices including the jade egg, helped me get into my body so I could have a better understanding of what the source of overwhelm was. That gave me the support I needed to have that orgasmic Kundalini awakening."

- Serena

“I feel empowered to continue loving myself and putting myself first, because I’ve seen first hand that when I’m consistent with my practices, I’m able to provide better for my family and my clients. I can do anything I want.”

- Amira

This might sound crazy to you!

Maybe you're thinking: “No Tilly, it’s not that I don't prioritize my pleasure. It’s just my hormones! I need to fix them first.”

Or, “I just need a freakin vacation without kids”

Or you may even be thinking: “I'm thinking of trying these herbs and creams (ashwaganda, maca, red ginseng etc...”

Well, I’m here to tell you that none of those actions will work permanently.

They may work temporarily.

They are all a quick fix, but they are NOT THE SOLUTION.

I happen to know from working with hundreds of women that your hormones are likely just fine.

That the vacation will be over and life will go back to "business as usual" within days

And the herbs are only meant to work short-term and then the effect wears off.

The source of your struggle has nothing to do with your hormones, lack of vacations, lingerie, or herbal supplements…

It has EVERYTHING to do with how you’ve been conditioned, and the big T and little t traumas that have built up over a lifetime

To put your pleasure last.

"The jade egg process broke down my walls and helped me get to the depths I needed to go to heal my past sexual trauma."

- Irene

I know from working on this myself and helping so many woman that when you prioritize your pleasure…

It re-unites you with your feminine essence

You have ENERGY again!

You feel filled-up from within

It connects you to your inner sex goddess

Who’s felt like a trapped lion awaiting liberation.

When you start prioritizing your pleasure,

You'll be able to give from a full cup, those that depend on you

And model a way of being that you only wish you'd been shown from your mom growing up.

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“Just do the program! If you’re ready to do the work, if you’re sick of feeling like shit. If you’re ready to feel and be empowered, chase your desires and have the life you want to have, do this program!”

- Bianca

Pretty extraordinary right?

Maybe you’re thinking, this sounds a bit too good to be true…

Tell me HOW is Sex Goddess going to help me experience total freedom in the bedroom?

I’m happy to tell you…

It’s not as difficult, time-consuming or involved as you think, and no one fails in pleasure school.

Sometimes, slowing down is the key to speeding up.

Ever heard the saying “Inch by inch, life is a synch, yard by yard, life is hard?”

Even by doing the 1% more do-able thing can dramatically shift your relationship with your body and sexuality.

I know that adding one more thing to your to-do list can sound daunting.

I hear from women all the time who tell me they just don't have the time or energy to prioritize something as frivolous as pleasure (HELLO: THAT'S EXACTLY THE CONDITIONING YOU ARE HERE TO UNWIND!)

But, I’m here to tell you that you will have MORE energy and time when you learn to stop giving from an empty cup and make YOU and YOUR PLEASURE the priority!

“I’ve never had an orgasm that’s lasted as long as it did! I’m so blown away by it! I didn’t time it, but it must have been several minutes which is unreal! Even my husband was like, “Are you still having an orgasm” even while I was still having it! You can achieve that level of pleasure when you allow yourself to receive.”

- Allison

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"I feel whole for the very first time, totally secure in my female sexiness as though it was a true part of me rather than something I have to dress up for or be self-conscious about."

- Suzannah

I’ll guide you through profound practices and trainings that will show you how to:

 Discover your wants and needs and how to ask for them

 Start initiating sex because you actually want it

 Feel sexy and become multiorgasmic

 Learn to have different types of orgasms in different ways

 Learn to orgasm from penetration

 Discover your unique path to turn on and how to confidently communicate it to your partner

 Begin putting your pleasure and needs first, guilt-free

 Establish and enforce boundaries that previously kept you drained

 Learn to surrender into your feminine and let your masculine partner lead

"I broke my vibrator dependency! I can now orgasm through penetration!”

- Barb

Now, that all sounds great, Tilly. But what's this "jade egg" thing about? You want me to put a what up my what?!

If you’re new to hearing about the jade egg practice, you might be thinking, “what IS a Jade Egg” and “how does it help?”

No worries love, I will guide you through everything you need to know about using Jade Egg practices to get your mojo back and have all sorts of orgasms in all the ways.

The Jade Egg is an egg-shaped stone used vaginally.

With the Jade Egg inserted, you can practice a variety of squeezes, releases, and breathwork practices that help you experience more

💕Self love






As a certified jade egg coach through VITA Coaching, I’m highly trained and will teach you everything you need to know to use the jade egg safely and effectively.

The jade egg practice is not simply putting an egg in your vagina and hoping for the best…

It’s an ancient practice that’s been adapted to the needs of modern women like you

To help you integrate negative conditioning and trauma and re-wire your nervous system for more pleasure.

The jade egg practice helps you to cleanse and clear all stories, beliefs and trauma not in alignment with your pleasure by helping you build sensate-focus and strength in your vaginal canal.

Helping you to gently release what’s in the way of pleasure and help you fill up with positive beliefs and pleasure-filled relaxation.

You don’t get this by “fixing your hormones, going on a kid-free vacay, or getting a shot in your clit.

You get it by PRIORITIZING your pleasure through regular practice over several months…

“Last night we finally did full penetration!!!! And no pain!!! I did the jade egg breathing practice during and it really helped me to relax. I am so stoked.”

- Stacy

The Program Consists of 4 Main Components:

Private Coaching


Includes my foolproof pleasurable sex coaching system to help  you reclaim your sexuality, and feel empowered, confident and free in your body

You'll have 10 private sessions (2 sessions per month) with me and/or your partner throughout the course of Sex Goddess.

If your partner is open and willing to join sessions, about half-way through the program, we'll invite him in for couple's coaching sessions.

Teachings & Practices


You'll be granted lifetime access to the Sex Goddess Member Library with 10 video teachings and embodiment practices that you'll be going through in-between our private coaching sessions together.

You'll be expected to complete all of the practices to get the full benefit of the program.

Help for your male partner


You and your male partner will be granted lifetime access to the How to Sexually Please a Woman Member Library with 3 modules of video content for him to learn all about you, your anatomy, foreplay, your anatomy of arousal, the erotic languages, and how to talk about sex in a fun, easy and successful way.

This way, the work isn't ALL on you, and you have a way to include your partner.

Audio Message Support


In-between sessions, you'll update me on how your practices are going, what came up for you, and any questions you have about the work we've done together in session.

This is also an opportunity to receive reflections, support and coaching in-between when things come up between you and your partner.

"I realized I actually wanted to be submissive in the bedroom and this program helped me own that! My favorite part of the program was the group sessions. They were amazingly beautiful, safe spaces to talk about things I had fear and shame about. And talking about them broke the shame down."

- Alex T.

In just 5 months, you’ll feel like a bonafide Sex Goddess.

Ready to take the next step?

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