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Why do Tantric Sex practices together? 

 Feel more connected and turned on before sexual touch ever happens
 Share more deeply and vulnerably about what’s really going on (no more surface-level conversations about work and the kids)
 Take you out of your boring sexual routine and learn new tools and techniques, and get new ideas to expand your sexuality together
 Learn to speak what you want and need (and get it!)

In my Tantric Sex Starter Kit,

you’ll get 5 powerful, but short and easy to implement tantric sex practices you can try with your partner tonight. I'll guide you through the following practices:

💫Fears, Desires & Loves Communication Practice

💫Eye Gazing Connection Practice

💫Belly to Belly Breathing Connection Practice

💫Talk About What You Really Feel Communication Practice

💫What Can I Offer You Right Now Communication Practice

You'll also receive my bonus Won't/Will/Want List to help you explore your sexual desires together!

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