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Locations Online, in Tamarindo, Costa Rica or Miami, FL!

Ready to experience epic sex and pleasure NOW? If you're a conscious leader ready to deeply embody your pleasure, but don't have alot of time on your hands, or simply value in-person experiences, the VIP immersion  is just the thing you're looking for.


There are too many high-achieving, conscious leaders

who’ve not prioritized your love life, sex life, and relationship while building the business/career, family and social life you now enjoy.

Except, are you really enjoying it?

At the end of the day, you just want a soft place to land and enjoy your time.

But when you’ve put all your time and energy into developing and growing your leadership, business, health and wealth, you expect things to “just work out” in the sex and relationship department. And...sadly, that's not how it works.

Most of us were not taught that to have a satisfying sex life and relationship, we have to put in the effort and learn new skills.

You would expect that in order to be healthy, you’d need to excersise regularly and eat healthy right?

It’s the same with your sex life and relationship…you can’t expect things to be epic if you don’t prioritize it.

While we live in a disposable culture of relationships, I believe that transforming old sex and relationship wounds is the quickest way to find happiness in your love life again.

Whether you’re looking to attract your soulmate, or reignite the spark with your current one, you can become a total sex god/dess in the bedroom and have the love life you once could only dream of.

Introducing my bespoke Sex God/dess VIP Experience:

A 1-5 day immersion in becoming a total God/dess in bed.

Who is the VIP Experience For?

Couples who want to reignite the spark

- who want to resolve continual communication and connection issues once and for all and experience better sex then when they first met.

Women who want to awaken their sexuality

- After having kids, going through a big life transition, or who’ve simply lost their mojo over time

Men who want to feel in control of their sexuality

- who have high libido and want to master sex skills and techniques that give them a sense of being in control of their sexuality rather than feeling controlled by it.

Women or men who are single

- who want to take time to heal old wounds and create a solid foundation for sex and intimacy moving forward.

What happens in the VIP Experience?

Learn sexual training practices

That put you in the top 1% of lovers…Like the jade egg practice for women and sexual kung fu for men

You'll  engage in breath work, meditations, and Tantric and Taoist energy activation practices to get you consciously connected to your body and your pleasure.

You’ll→ feel more connected to your body and sexuality than ever before and feel powerful to create the sexual experiences you deeply desire back at home

Release old stories, traumas and programming

So you can reprogram your brain for epic sex and relationship experiences.

You’ll→ let go of inhibiting patterns keeping you from being a total sex god/dess as I lead you through various lasering and blueprinting tools and techniques from Gestalt Therapy and Tantra

Discover your unique path to turn on and pleasure

So you learn what you want and like and confidently ask for it

We’ll→ engage in a non-sexual touch-test to discover your language of turn on

You’ll→ feel extra excited and confident to share what you’ve learned about yourself with your partner or next partner so they can more fully pleasure you.

Have alot of fun and be surprised and delighted

With outdoor adventure excursions and/or spa treatments

We’ll→ have tons of fun together adventuring, playing and relaxing together while you integrate your immersion experiences

You’ll→ Go home thinking "Wow, that wasn't as scary as I thought. It was actually really fun!" Working with me is not some "cry all day and night while releasing your trauma" type Tantra retreat. We will laugh and play our assess off into even more bliss and joy!

Ready to take the next step?

Very limited number of spots available


"That sounds amazing Tilly, but...

How can you turn me into a sex god/dess in 1-5 days?"

Alright, fair question.

Here’s the thing, it’s not just 1-5 days with me.

Regardless of the length and location of your experience, there are 3 components of the experience that span a total of 2 months without a big time commitment.

1 Month of Preparation

Including 2 private virtual sessions with me to get you set up for ultimate success during our 1-5 days together.

1-5 days Online or In-Person

At your location of choice - Online, Miami, FL, or Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

1 Month of Integration

Including 2 private virtual sessions with me to integrate the experience. 

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