VIP Experience with Tilly


What does a VIP experience look like with Tilly?

"Where the Somatic realm meets the Soul..."

Imagine yourself supported in sacred space to completely drop in, heal and integrate, and align all parts and pieces of you to the pleasure, joy, abundance, ease and grace you desire to experience in your health, wealth and relationships.

Imagine that you now have the blueprint to unwind all of the garbage imprints you grew up with keeping you out of alignment to your soul's birthright for ultimate pleasure and abundance!

That feeling of knowing 'in your bones' the truth of who you are and what you are capable of creating in this lifetime...feeling confident that you now have the tools and practices to tap into your greatest potential, pleasure, and gifts in your day-to-day life.

The VIP experience is a co-creation where Tilly will dive deep with you to discover what your soul requires for your next-level upgrade in 1-3 days.

This experience is completely personalized at the somatic and soul level to heal, integrate, and align you to a new frequency at the nervous system level to create and manifest your life of thriving in health, wealth and relationships.


Activate your pleasure and abundance codes the moment you enter this container.

About 1/2 of the women who join Tilly's sexuality programs experience a raise, promotion or increase in clients without even trying.

That's simply because they are learning to make their pleasure a priority. Everything else just starts falling into place without any effort!

Imagine what will happen when you make yourself available for an INTENTIONAL upgrade in this area of your life through this transformational VIP experience that changes everything?!

Here is the framework for what it looks like to engage with Tilly in this sacred transformational experience:

  1. We will have a pre-call to create an individualized roadmap for healing and integration required to come into alignment with what your soul is calling you into.

  2. Together, we will journey together through the depths of the somatic realms and rise like the Phoenix into total soul alignment as Tilly leads and guides you through a field of unconditional love and support for your thriving on your VIP experience day or days.

  3. After The Vip experience, you will engage in an integratoin call with Tilly to support you as you return to your every day life embodying a totally new, high vibe frequency elevating all areas of your life.

In the VIP experience, you are held in the presence of a somatic and nervous system alignment genius, who's there to witness the healing, integration and alignment that will ultimately lead you into the remembrance of your greatest pleasure, joy, abundance, ease and grace.

Are you ready to remember? YOU are your greatest investment.

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