288: The art of feminine communication for getting what you want in the bedroom and beyond

Feb 23, 2024

For most couple’s, talking about sex often means this:

👉🏽Telling him to slow down and apply less pressure in the moment…only for his ego to get bruised, and adhere this one time (hopefully) but go back to what he always did after

👉🏽Him initiating sex and you sharing that you’re too tired or not in the mood with no assurance for future connection

👉🏽Sharing something you’d like to try when you muster up the courage to go there only after a glass of wine or two

👉🏽Only getting vulnerable and “real” when you have a structured container to make it feel safe like in a tantra workshop or couple’s therapy session

But the art of feminine, conscious communication about sex means something totally different.

Join me in today’s episode to learn the secrets to feminine communication so you can get more of what you want in the bedroom and beyond!

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