299: How she reclaimed her power after trauma with Tamara

May 27, 2024

Last week, I recorded another podcast episode with my client ,Tamara, that had us both in tears.

I had goosebumps as she shares her chilling account of coming face to face with her abuser and what immediately followed.

THIS is by far, is the most touching client interview I have ever recorded.

In short, she says…

“This (the Sex Goddess Program) has been the most valuable and life changing experience ever for me. When I've done so many workshops so much therapy, books I've read, practices I've done, but this has been the most valuable and life changing experience ever.  Like I will recommend it to everyone.”

In today’s podcast episode,

Learn how Tamara, a phd sex educator and aspiring intimacy coach:

  • Reclaimed her power from sexual assault after a random encounter with her abuser at a cafe
  • Went from feeling disconnected from her sexuality, to feeling in bliss about it
  • Felt like she could let someone see and love the real her for the first time ever
  • Went from having superficial, shallow pleasure and orgasms to deep, soul fulfilling pleasure
  • Got more results doing the 14 week Sex Goddess Program than 4 years of therapy

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