Sacred Sex & Relationship Initiation


Deepen intimacy and spark erotic passion over a lifetime...

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Hey Lover,

Are you ready to breakthrough blocks to intimacy and passion with your long-term partner keeping you from having epic sex and connected lovemaking?

The Sacred Sex and Relationship Initiation is for high-level couples wanting to:

  • Deepen their intimacy and connection
  • Ignite the passion again
  • Learn tantric sex together
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Discover, explore and play in each other's unique erotic wiring and language
  • Get on the same page sexually
  • Learn new sexual skills and techniques
  • "Spice things up"
  • Heal old relationship wounds together

I've heard from many couples like you who have a solid relationship but want to know where and how to deepen their intimacy and connection, revive the passion, and expand their sexual repertoire.

Things are ok, but you know they could be better and more exciting!

Maybe one of you wants sex more than the other, one of you wants to try new things and the other is shy or hesitant, one of you feels alone and unfed while the other feels satisfied and fulfilled.

Maybe things are already hot and you both want to take it to the next level.

The problem is, no one taught you HOW to have epic connected sex and communication or how to keep the passion alive over the long-term.

Virtually NO ONE got a pleasure education, and society, media and porn do not speak to the erotic needs and turn ons of the energetically and sensually inclined - only the explicit sexually inclined and those into the 50 Shades of Grey kind of kink (nothing wrong with those expressions of sexuality, but YOU want to learn the skills and techniques of the energetic and sensual!)

You want to experience slow, passionate, connected, sacred sex with your partner and are willing to discover what it's going to take to get there!


The Sacred Sex & Relationship Initiation Group Coaching Program will teach you and your partner how to ignite passion, turn up intimacy, and feed each other's erotic needs over a lifetime.

Participating in weekly guided erotic date nights incorporating communication, connection, healing, sacred sexuality and erotic play practices as well as live couple's coaching, you’ll be able to…

✔ Ignite passion and eroticism and keep it lit over a life-time

 Connect with each other more deeply and intimately

 Strengthen your relationship through high-level communication skills, vulnerability, and space holding

Learn potent sacred sexuality tools to expand your intimacy and explore new ways of playing and falling in love

✔ Release old relationship patterns and wounds together

Learn the energetic and sensual language of turn on, including techniques to build your sexual repertoire

The Sacred Sex and Relationship Initiation is proven to deepen intimacy and connection, and spark erotic passion in long-term relationships.

So everyone's needs and desires are fulfilled and nothing ever gets stale or boring!

No more same position every time or blah dinner dates.

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 Just like the 5 love languages, each person has a unique erotic language and map that ignites their turn on! But do you know the language of yours or how to speak it to your partner? 

Probably not. That is why you are here. That is why things aren't as exciting and passionate as they could be. 

Hey, I'm Tilly!

I've been in some sexually hot and heavy but not so great, trauma-bonding relationships before where things...just came easy sexually but not so much relationally.

And I'm also in the healthiest relationship of my life where we've had to work on our sexuality.

I'll be the first to tell you that sex and relationships are LEARNED skills. Both rarely, if ever, come naturally to a couple.

Keeping passion alive in long term relationships requires us to learn, grow and expand our knowledge and understanding of each other's erotic nature.

If our bodies were instruments, you and your partner's are not the same instrument. You must learn to play both!

A life-time of epic, connected sex and passion DOES NOT just happen, just like learning a new instrument on your own is unlikely to happen.

We are meant to grow and evolve our sexuality and eroticism over time, and we can do that by learning new ways to communicate and connect, new tools and techniques to feed each other's needs, play to each other's pleasures and create adventure and fun for years to come!

As the world leading expert in helping women ignite sexual desire and couple's experience passion and intimacy in long term relationship again, I'm excited to show you the ropes and help you break through your blocks to intimacy, connection and passion today!


Introducing my brand new Sacred Sex and Relationship Initiation 16 week Couples Group Coaching Program

A sacred sex & relationship initiation isn't just about the 2 of you learning tips and techniques, it's an entire pleasure, intimacy and relationship you can be the role model for healthy sex & relationship for your kids that you didn't get growing up.


In the 16 week Initiation, we will:

1. Get Intimate

Practice communication and connection techniques to deepen intimacy and assess & discuss each other's current sexual satisfaction

We will → Create safe communication and connection containers together to both comfortably talk about your sex life and relationship.

You’ll → Stop bickering about dumb domestic stuff and feel more connected and turned on, and learn things about each other you didn't even know to ask (even if you've been together 20 years!)

2. Heal Relationship Wounds


Through couple's coaching, tantric massage, and at-home audio-guided practices

You’ll → Become allies in healing and releasing old relationship patterns and wounds keeping you from intimacy, connection and passion, and being fully sexually satisfied.

You will → Stop wearing masks or deflecting to hold up your fragile ego identity and vulnerably share with your partner about what you each want and desire and how you really think and feel.

3. Expand your erotic repertoire

Play and explore with each other's erotic wiring, map each other's turn ons, learn sacred sexuality practices, and how to plan hot, passionate dates that bring back the fun and adventure again.

We will → Lead and guide you through live sacred sexuality practices, help you plan epic dates, and feed each other's turn on's over a lifetime.

You’ll → Stop assuming you know what your partner wants and likes and discover how to play each other's body like a piano prodigy! No more boring dinner dates either.

4. Receive Community Support

Receive expert accountability and support as well as community support through our private online community.

We will → Create a community of intentional daily accountability and connection.

You’ll → Feel safe & supported knowing that you won't make this investment in yourself and never complete the program. You'll also create lifelong friendships with other couples on the same journey.

Look lovers, if you’re thinking that you’ll read some books or go on a weekend Tantra workshop together (or even worse, think you'll learn this stuff going to therapy or couple's counseling)

Here’s the thing…

Deepening intimacy and connection to spark erotic passion over a lifetime is best done over TIME in your every day life - kids, work, business, all of it! It's a practice of making the ordinary, EXTRA-ORDINARY!

Sure, you can plan amazing get-a-ways for each other.

But, if you don't start implementing the practices in your day-to-day life, you'll be waiting around for the next get-a-way to give yourselves permission to go deep and have fun.

That’s why it’s essential to have the accountability and access to the practices over an extended time to implement what you’re learning even in your busy life together!

In my 16 week Sacred Sex & Relationship Initiation, Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

  • 16 weeks of guided support from me

  • 16 group calls with me of live teachings, trainings, group coaching, community support and Q&A ($8,000 value)

  • Sacred Sex & Relationship Member Library where all of your audio & video practices, call recordings, teachings, and .pdf's will be housed ($2,000 value)

  • Daily Accountability Challenge ($1,000 value)

  • Exclusive Members’ Area Lifetime Access ($2,000 value)

  • 32 exclusive audio-guided practices

  • Private Online Community ($1,000)

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The Content Breakdown

Lesson 1 & 2: COMMUNICATE!

  • Conscious languaging and non-violent communication
  • Taking responsibility for your behavior and feelings
  • Holding space training and talking about what you really feel 
  • Sexuality and Relationship as a learned skill
  • The 5 Stages of sexuality
  • Sexual Assessment

Lesson 3 & 4: CONNECT!

  • The nervous system and human connection
  • Overcoming blocks to connection and intimacy

  •  The role of tantric philosophy in sacred sex and relationship

  •  The 12 principles to better and sacred sex

Lesson 5 & 6: HEAL!

  • Becoming allies in healing to turn your relationship into a deep healing space

  •  Attachment theory

  •  Discovering and releasing old relationship patterns and wounds

  •  Tantric healing massage

Lesson 7 & 8: EXPLORE!

  • Communicating and understanding erotic wiring
  • Mapping your turn on’s
  • Expanding the fence of what feels safe and exploring an erotic edge
  • Exploring tantric sacred sexuality
  • Breathwork and holistic sex for couples

Lesson 9 & 10: PLAY!

  • Overcoming sexual resistances

  •  Igniting passion and desire in long term relationships

  •  The passion trifecta and planning Epic Dates

  •  The play of the divine in sexuality

  •  Extended orgasmic experiences and how to give and receive them

In the Sacred Sex & Relationship Initiation you get:


16 group calls with me - Tilly ($8,000 value)

  • 1 welcome/orientation call
  • 5 live teaching & group coaching sessions (1.5 hours)
  • 5 live teaching and practice sessions (1.5 hours)
  • 5 Community Celebrations/Clearings/Desires and open Q&A calls

 10 30minute live teachings with me to be posted in the Member Library ($2,000 value)

Each week, I will do some live teaching before going into group coaching call or live practice so you have an understanding of what you’re doing in the weekly practices and why.

Daily Accountability Challenge ($1,000 value)

With a solo Morning Pleasure Ritual (breathwork, meditation, journal prompts etc…) Evening Meditations and Affirmations and Community support so you don’t sign up and not actually complete the program. (Oh yes you will complete it! Guaranteed!) 

A Private Members’ Area - Lifetime Access to the Sacred Sex & Relationship Library ($2,000 value)

This is where all call recordings, resources and your 32 exclusive audio-guided practices will be housed.

Unlimited Access to our Private Online Community ($1,000 value)

Our private community will be just for Sacred Sex & Relationship initiates. You will post your celebrations, clearings and desires in this group each day! 


All your burning questions, answered

Ready to deepen intimacy and spark erotic passion over a lifetime?

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